Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Be Accepted by the Great Love

People feel that they are loved when they feel that they are understood or when they feel that they are accepted. In Japanese there is the expression “even if it goes into your eyes you don’t feel pain”, we use this expression when someone really loves like a baby, takes others into their heart completely and accepts others into their own existence. This is the action of loving. It is different from the attitude of observing objectively, where there is no love. People just feel like they are being seen as material. 

People need to be treated as an existence of the spirit. That’s why you need effort to accept into your own heart. Accept another existence into the heart 100%. When this happens other people feel they are accepted, they feel relaxed and they feel warmth, and this means that there is an action of loving. Usually people don’t want to do this, because there is a lot of subconscious fear of each other in this modern society. People are having relationships not because of love, but because of the calculation of the merit and demerit. It is a commodity but this is not an easy relationship.………………

How you treat others, it is actually how you  are treating yourself. If you are kicking out other people from your heart it means you are kicking yourself out of the heaven inside of your heart. ………….

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“Be Accepted by the Great Love”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

To be Led to a Bright Future

What will your future be like? How will your life be in the future?

 It depends on what you determine. What you believe. What you repeat subconsciously, repeat the words subconsciously in your heart. 

What do you believe about your future? 

Do you believe your future will be good? 

Or you are anxious or worried about the future. Slightly believing that something wrong will happen.

Where does this belief come from? 

Belief comes from a wish. If the wish becomes strong you will transform it to belief. …………………….

what you wish for others and pray for people in the world is such an important practice to live a happy life and to create a good future. 

Even though we have the infinite potential, without effort, without practice to pray for people in the world and to wish for a good future for other people, the heart of giving or subconsciously wishing for a good future for others will not spring out. This heart will not spring out from you. 

Look at diamonds, if diamonds are not polished they will not shine.. 

Our hearts are the same. 

All flowers are produced from mud. The beautiful lotus flowers are from the muddy water. We need to let our heart produce the flower from its karmatic mud. 

We need to polish our heart to let it shine as a diamond. Let your heart shine as a diamond to the Universe with your giving heart, with the wish that people in the world will have a good future and so will you and the people you meet in your life. 

The heart of how much you wish for others, the heart of how much you have faith in a good future for yourself and others, this is truly your real property. ……..”

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“To be Led to a Bright Future”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Freedom is the Merit of Wisdom

Wisdom means that you are able to see your own heart. You can see your own heart  as if it were transparent. Without this wisdom you can not see what is happening in  your subconsciousness, which is deep in your heart, this is because you are not responsible  to your own life, to your future. Responsible means that all the phenomena happening  in your life are caused by, or are the result of your subconsciousness that you carry from the past. ………… 

So what is the cause of your future life, the phenomena, what is happening in your  life? Is it because of the external world, that somebody did something or is it from the  projection of your subconsciousness to the phenomena world?  

As long as you are thinking that the cause is the external world you will not be able to  create your future, because then everything depends on the external world and you  are powerless. But if you accept the responsibility of your future then you can have a  choice to create your life. All you need is to determine what that life will be, visualise it, keep telling yourself and then act with also wishing the best for others. This takes much more effort than putting the external world as the cause of your life, your future. ……….” 

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Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Crisis of Humanity

We human beings are at a turning point of the crisis of this planet.  What I am saying here is not about the environmental issues that  people usually talk about these days but about the crisis of a more  spiritual aspect of human beings. 

The cause of all physical phenomena, including environmental issues, is also a reflection of our spirituality, and the spiritual level of  human beings is revealed by the development of our technology. Do  you know what this means?………………. “

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“Crisis of Humanity”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Let your Universe Shine

“Are you not giving any power to the external world? Giving power to the external world is to let the external world influence your feelings, your ambition and so on. Who can lift up your ambition so your life shines.? Also who can bring down your ambition as well?.  

There is no one else but yourself who can lift up your ambition so that it shines in your life and shines to the people around you. And there is no one else but yourself who can bring your ambition down or create your bright future. But once you give permission to let other people’s words influence your feeling, your ambition, it means that you are giving them the power, it means that you are giving up your freedom to create your future……….” 

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“Let your Universe Shine”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Narrow Gate is the Way of Enlightenment

“Jesus said go enter into the narrow gate. The gate of ruin or destruction is wide but the gate to life is narrow.  

The gate to life means the gate to enlightenment, and the gate to ruin means the gate to the ego. 

Many people might be interested in the practice of  Buddhism, but how many people are aware that the way of Buddhism is to suppress ego to disappear?  

Suppress ego to disappear means not to try to gain anything, even enlightenment. It is also the way of the Bodhisattva, benefiting all beings, letting all beings be  rescued and to be in the enlightenment state, and at the  same time disappearing the ego of oneself………………

As you wish more for others, benefit others, you are less  interested in yourself, it is the way of the disappearing ego. Human beings’ have an interest in only one or the other, self or others. If you are interested in the benefits of  all beings then your self interest will be much less. If you are fully focused on the benefit of all others, not for yourself, you will be in a state of emptiness….” 

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“Narrow Gate is the Way of Enlightenment”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

What is the Mission of your Life?

“…..You might not notice that so much energy is supporting you and the whole universe is responding depending on what energy you send, what mind you have, what image you have, what words you say to yourself. Every  moment the whole universe is responding to your field, that which is around  you, and the Great Spirit, which is always supporting you, is fully caring and  wishing for your positive future. Why won’t you sense this by stop being busy. The busyness of your mind which is worrying about the future. Instead  of worrying about the future, why won’t you sense the energy of the warmth  of the Great Spirit which is beside you as the hidden shadow of your  existence. 

The Great Spirit is always silently whispering to you that there is no need  to worry. Just give up to the warmth of the energy of the Great Spirit, Great  Love. All you need to do is to open up your sensitivity to the field of  emptiness which is beyond the duality of the border of yourself and  others.The Great Spirit is always whispering to you as the beloved child. All  you need is to sense the peaceful energy which is trying to surround you. All  you need is to sense that you are embraced by the warmth of the Great Love, of the Great Spirit of the Universe which is always beside you and  supporting you so that you will be surrounded with happiness and love. …….”

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“What Is the Mission of your Life”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

The Radiance of the True Heart

(Beyond Religion)

“The universe or the essence of existence, is the infinite spiritual  development. But what is the meaning of spiritual development? What is the meaning of development? Development means that the potential  springs out from the source of the universe and infinite development  means that every moment, moment to moment destroying the situation of the phenomenon and the new brightness of the heart springs out moment to moment. 

The whole universe itself is infinite spiritual development but this is very  different from the common sense of human society. Human society  forces people to have the illusion that the continuation of “as before” is the peace but actually the universe is only existing as the duality, which  means that either development or going down exists, positive or negative. 

It is only one way or the other, which means that if things have not developed but kept as was before, then spiritually it is going down.  Most people are not aware of this and they try to follow the common  sense of our human society…”

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“The Radiance of the True Heart”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Magic Tricks of the Universe

… trying to keep one’s security is the worst way of living. So many people are trapped into the materialistic world and also the fear of living. Life based on the physical body, on materials, means that it is based on fear and these people are actually not living their life. These people are trying not to die and we call this “Mission Impossible”. Nobody can escape from dying, escape from death and based on this reality we should live not for our security but to live to create the future of our lives, for your life, for the world.

What can be most helpful to create the future is to determine what the future will be. Determine is to include the image of “how it will be” and this includes the feeling of when your wish is realised. What is most important is how much you can keep this feeling. 

For one who is strongly trapped into the physical world it is difficult to create the feeling of when the wish is realised because it is not happening yet. The wish is yet to be realised so they think “why do we have to feel happy about it”. But actually what comes first is the feeling,………..…………

Always an unknown door is opened depending on how you knock on the door. 

There is some mystical power that exists in this universe, in this world, in your life. Please be aware of this magical existence. That magical existence is always trying to stimulate your awareness. Let’s have more curiosity about the secrets, the magic of life and the world.…………”

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“Magical Tricks of the Universe”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

How to Change your Life

“……..even though the past may be negative, how you react can be  driven by yourself. To have the strength of the heart not to protect the past  trauma is not easy but even so determine and create a new pattern of your  actions, for example, just decide that you are going to spend one hour of your day, on something. You may decide for example to go to the gym or do the practice of the prayers and mantra chanting. Whatever you decide, if you determine and then if you can keep repeating the new pattern, repeatedly create the new pattern of your life and spend one hour on it, then you will start having the strength to overcome the karma.  

This continuation will change your life but it is difficult to continue for one  hour everyday. Do you know why continuing something is most difficult for humans?  The difficulty is because you get bored of repeatedly doing the same thing everyday, and this means that if you don’t start making it deeper you can’t  continue. But as long as you continue with your iron will there is no other choice but for your infinite potential to be awakened and make your action  much brighter……………

When you have a new custom in your life your existence changes and your  strength is trained. This brightness of the heart creates new encounters  with other people and when your existence has changed by your new  custom then your life will change …………….. 

Some say that it is a genius that can continuously make an effort for something, this means that if you continuously do something it will create a genius,  whether you want to be a genius or not. Anyway start doing something, decide on something to do, a new thing for your life. Decide, determine what to do everyday for one hour………..” 

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“How to Change your Life”