Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Let your Life Shine!

Let your Life Shine!

“If your heart is filled with gratitude, if you have the richness of the heart, giving heart, altruistic heart, your physical life will also be fulfilled. Actually, this is the principle of the Universe. 

Actually, we human beings now have to be awakened that existence itself is Spirit, 100% Spirit. Therefore we need to make clear the way and that we will be able to let our richness of the heart be able to manifest, also in the physical life to create a good future, a good destiny.

We have to show the children of the planet that this is true, that this is possible, that it is not one or the other. We will be able to be happy both spiritually and physically.

Why would God, Buddha or the Great Spirit of the Universe want us to be poor if we are living spiritually? The Great Spirit of the Universe is painfully wishing to give you all the richness of the heart and all the physical richness, as well.

To be awakened to this you need to awaken that our existence, the body, is 100% Spirit. 

The workshop of Tao Shiatsu and Flame of Hope will let people experience that. 

How much power we will be able to gain by imagining or recognizing that our body, our existence, is 100% Spirit. Just think about it, we can be super powerful! 

We can gain the super powerful giving power, “Ki energy power”. Just think about it.” 

Please, Listen to the Full Dharma below. Thank you

Music by Ryokyu Endo. AMINADABU

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