Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Make your Life an Art

Make your Life an Art

“All the inventions are from the imagination before something has a form, those are invisible in the beginning. Some people say I don’t need Heaven or Pure Land which is invisible, but actually the heart to believe, trust or have a faith in Heaven or Pure Land comes from the idea, comes from the trust that absolute happiness exists.

People who say I don’t need Heaven or Pure Land, compared to the people who have faith in those, these people have more faith in the ideal and that absolute happiness exists. 

In general people say, “this person is bright, this person is dark..” Actually there is no bright person or dark person, there is only the person who makes others bright or the person who makes others dark. 

If you keep concentrating, finally the ideal of absolute happiness is not going to be just ideal, it is the reality of the heart and it will be the reality that you will see, the world of absolute happiness which is Heaven or Pure Land, you will see the brightness in your heart. You will know that there is a world beyond the human World, the spiritual World that really exists.”

Please listen to the Full Dharma below. Thank you

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