Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Manifest your Potential

Manifest Your Potential

Altruistic heart, the giving heart, the love towards others, this is the potential which all human beings have. Potential is another name of the Internal Great Spirit of the Universe. Once you reach the state of transforming every moment ego to the altruistic heart, every moment transforming karma to the light, Buddha nature every moment, this is the state of the unification with the Great Spirit of the Universe, which is the infinite development of the Universe.

When you are in the state of transforming the heart every moment, you will feel the comfortable Ki energy in your existence. This energy is so comfortable, it melts the border between yourself and the world. 

This is actually the door to open the non- duality world. This is not a special state, not like only a few people are able to reach it. It is the time now to share the enlightenment. It is so simple, just  pray for all beings, keep praying with mantra chanting every moment, then you will realize the ego. So every moment transform it to the prayers and you will find the circle, like two wheels, prayers and realizing ego, become two wheels moving forward, then you will start to feel such a comfortable energy and this is a sign of the receiving unification with The Great Spirit of the Universe.

In this unification one day you will realize, you will notice the world of non duality. The door is open in daily life. 

Do you know the source of our existence?  The source of our existence is Joy. 

Please Listen to the Full Dharma below. Thank you

Music and Text by Ryokyu Endo

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