Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Evil Spirits also have Super -Nature Power 

“…Today I would like to talk about how to deal with the spiritual world, what you need to be aware of because there is a way to deal with it but sometimes it is dangerous.  

The spiritual world is a subject which is very sensitive and at the same there  is danger, do you know why? Buddhism teaches about the “Super- Nature Power of Evil and the Super- Nature Power of Buddha” Evil has five super-  nature powers but Buddha has six super nature powers. Five are the same,  do you know what those five super nature powers are?…………..  

These five super -nature powers are the same for both evil spirits and Buddha. But there is one super -nature power, spiritual power that Buddha has but evil doesn’t and that is not leaking Jaki, not leaking ego from the very existence. This is called “Ro-jinzu”in Japanese and this is what Buddha has but evil doesn’t have……  

We need a healthy relationship to deal with the spiritual  world, not to be used by a strange cult Guru, not to be used by the dogma of  religion. We need to deal with and have a healthy relationship with the  spiritual world………

…….anything that tries to stimulate  your ego, don’t deal with it, even if it is something spiritual. For example, it  makes you a special person, you are told you can gain super -nature  power, the Guru can see your past life and you have to follow him or her  because you can depend on him or her, and so on…… You also have to be careful of anything that stimulates your fear. For example, you have to follow this dogma otherwise you will go to hell. 

These are all things you need to be careful about. So, the basic things that you need to put in your mind is….

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“Evil Spirits also have Super-Nature Power”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Manifest your Potential

Manifest Your Potential

Altruistic heart, the giving heart, the love towards others, this is the potential which all human beings have. Potential is another name of the Internal Great Spirit of the Universe. Once you reach the state of transforming every moment ego to the altruistic heart, every moment transforming karma to the light, Buddha nature every moment, this is the state of the unification with the Great Spirit of the Universe, which is the infinite development of the Universe.

When you are in the state of transforming the heart every moment, you will feel the comfortable Ki energy in your existence. This energy is so comfortable, it melts the border between yourself and the world. 

This is actually the door to open the non- duality world. This is not a special state, not like only a few people are able to reach it. It is the time now to share the enlightenment. It is so simple, just  pray for all beings, keep praying with mantra chanting every moment, then you will realize the ego. So every moment transform it to the prayers and you will find the circle, like two wheels, prayers and realizing ego, become two wheels moving forward, then you will start to feel such a comfortable energy and this is a sign of the receiving unification with The Great Spirit of the Universe.

In this unification one day you will realize, you will notice the world of non duality. The door is open in daily life. 

Do you know the source of our existence?  The source of our existence is Joy. 

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Music and Text by Ryokyu Endo

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Manifest your Potential the Most!

“…….What is the purpose of our life? Is there anyone who says “ Oh! I never thought about it.” Well, I don’t think so and especially in our teenage years we tend to think about “what is life for?”………….

I dare to say now, one of the purposes of life is to manifest your potential the most in this life……

Usually, when one tries to do something good or positive, the negativity comes as ; “what I ‘m going to do if I fail or what will other people think if I fail, can I really do it? “ All those negative excuses, not to let it happen,come to your subconscious and whisper to you, because the human world is the world of sharing, which means that in our subconsciousness, we are sharing with others both positive and also negative…………..

Therefore,  when you try to do something positive, the negative subconsciousness of human beings tries to stop it, so you need to overcome this.  To overcome this you need an iron will to manifest your potential. ….….. 

 who manifests the potential, is the one who has love toward the people, who has love towards life. You can find thousands of reasons, thousands of excuses not to do it. 

To do it, to manifest it, to realize it, there is only one motivation which is that it is positive for your life and also for other people.……”

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“Manifest your Potential the Most!”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Beauty and the Principle of the Spiritual World

“…Well, the fish which are living in the fish tank will not know about the  existence of the Ocean. They are living in a very narrow place but they think  that “this is the world”. Also human beings who think that only the physical world is the world of everything don’t think that there is a world beyond the visible world, that which is invisible. …..

There are two aspects of the invisible world and it is important to know about these two aspects. One aspect is the world of non-duality.………..

The other aspect of the invisible world is the spiritual world, such as the  heavenly world and we recognise spirits, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Devas, all  those.…………

This is because one of the missions  of human beings is to send the unsaved spirits to Heaven.

…….Buddhas,  Bodhisattvas, Devas, all those sacred existences, they deal with the unsaved spirits, even the evil spirits, by responding to our prayers………..

It is like the beautiful scene of the sky as the sun starts to set. 

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“Beauty and the Principle of the Spiritual World”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- How to Raise up your Destiny

How to Raise Up your Destiny

“Well, if you imagine somebody’s attitude towards you, if you see someone who doesn’t care about other people, you feel cold. The Ki energy of the person who doesn’t care about other people is cold. And the person who doesn’t see the potential of yourself, the good point of you, but always looking with the negative point of view and they criticize, you feel that this person is bringing you down. If someone is arrogant and tries to be on top of you then you feel uncomfortable. The one who is  only interested in themselves and just expects you to do something. Then you feel heavy. 

Imagine please, do you think that the Ki of destiny of those people is on the right track? No, right. It is because nobody wants to help those kinds of people.

Destiny has no legs to walk by itself, destiny must be brought by someone. If somebody brings you a good destiny it means that the cause is your attitude, your behavior towards other people, to treat others warmly, and to bring other’s Ki Energy up. If you have a positive interest towards other people, they feel light. Somebody in front of you feels light  if you are interested in that person’s good future. Please imagine, if someone is like this, you will not hesitate to help this person, it is the same as Devas, Bodhisattvas and Buddhas. As a principle of the Universe they can help these people who are raising the Ki energy of others and who have a positive interest in other people’s good future. Those people, who are pure and never on top of others, those people who are kind and warm to anybody.

Let’s love people, be loved by the Sacred existences and be loved by destiny.”

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Text and Music by Ryokyu Endo.

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Develop Your Ki Sensation of Happiness

“……there is a new sensation that I wish that you will develop, because actually at this time of the era, it has become so easy for anyone to experience this new sensation of human beings. But still it is a very rare case that someone has developed this and lives with it in daily life. 

It’s a pity because now is a time of the era where it is possible for anyone to develop this sensation which I call ”The Ki sensation of happiness.”  How/What is this sensation like?………….

How will you be able to develop this sensation?..…………..

It’s a sensation of happiness, so you need some effort to make this happen……”

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“Develop your Ki Sensation of Happiness”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Sadness and Rescuing the Spirits

“…As long as you live as a human being, once in a while, you feel sadness and pain in your heart. The cause of this depends on the person, there are various causes………….

As I said previously, the pain of your heart is connected to the pain of the heart of all other beings so when the pain  arises in your heart it’s an opportunity to rescue the spirits and send them to the Pure Land, send them to the heavenly state. As those spirits will be saved and rescued, a fresh peaceful wind starts blowing in your heart and you will feel real relief………….. 

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“Sadness and Rescuing the Spirits”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Let your Life Shine!

Let your Life Shine!

“If your heart is filled with gratitude, if you have the richness of the heart, giving heart, altruistic heart, your physical life will also be fulfilled. Actually, this is the principle of the Universe. 

Actually, we human beings now have to be awakened that existence itself is Spirit, 100% Spirit. Therefore we need to make clear the way and that we will be able to let our richness of the heart be able to manifest, also in the physical life to create a good future, a good destiny.

We have to show the children of the planet that this is true, that this is possible, that it is not one or the other. We will be able to be happy both spiritually and physically.

Why would God, Buddha or the Great Spirit of the Universe want us to be poor if we are living spiritually? The Great Spirit of the Universe is painfully wishing to give you all the richness of the heart and all the physical richness, as well.

To be awakened to this you need to awaken that our existence, the body, is 100% Spirit. 

The workshop of Tao Shiatsu and Flame of Hope will let people experience that. 

How much power we will be able to gain by imagining or recognizing that our body, our existence, is 100% Spirit. Just think about it, we can be super powerful! 

We can gain the super powerful giving power, “Ki energy power”. Just think about it.” 

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Music by Ryokyu Endo. AMINADABU

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Ki Revolution of Happiness!

“..We human beings should realize that we should be much happier than we are now. We have the potential to be happy, mentally and also physically. …...

We haven’t found out yet how to really live happily, the main cause of this  is that we haven’t awakened another sense. 

Another sense? Yes. Of course we have the sense of touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste.  All 5 senses but we haven’t developed the sense of happiness. 

What is the sense of happiness? It’s the sense that when you give joy or a feeling of happiness to others, from the moment you give, you feel the sensation of happiness.  We human beings in general have not yet developed this and that’s why I‘ve been talking about this to make giving happiness to others the norm.. ..

 I do really wish that you have a happy life!

To awaken to this sensation of happiness you need to shift your subconscious, overcome the fear. And for that purpose, you need to…….”

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“Ki Revolution of Happiness”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Make your Life an Art

Make your Life an Art

“All the inventions are from the imagination before something has a form, those are invisible in the beginning. Some people say I don’t need Heaven or Pure Land which is invisible, but actually the heart to believe, trust or have a faith in Heaven or Pure Land comes from the idea, comes from the trust that absolute happiness exists.

People who say I don’t need Heaven or Pure Land, compared to the people who have faith in those, these people have more faith in the ideal and that absolute happiness exists. 

In general people say, “this person is bright, this person is dark..” Actually there is no bright person or dark person, there is only the person who makes others bright or the person who makes others dark. 

If you keep concentrating, finally the ideal of absolute happiness is not going to be just ideal, it is the reality of the heart and it will be the reality that you will see, the world of absolute happiness which is Heaven or Pure Land, you will see the brightness in your heart. You will know that there is a world beyond the human World, the spiritual World that really exists.”

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