Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- How to Raise up your Destiny

How to Raise Up your Destiny

“Well, if you imagine somebody’s attitude towards you, if you see someone who doesn’t care about other people, you feel cold. The Ki energy of the person who doesn’t care about other people is cold. And the person who doesn’t see the potential of yourself, the good point of you, but always looking with the negative point of view and they criticize, you feel that this person is bringing you down. If someone is arrogant and tries to be on top of you then you feel uncomfortable. The one who is  only interested in themselves and just expects you to do something. Then you feel heavy. 

Imagine please, do you think that the Ki of destiny of those people is on the right track? No, right. It is because nobody wants to help those kinds of people.

Destiny has no legs to walk by itself, destiny must be brought by someone. If somebody brings you a good destiny it means that the cause is your attitude, your behavior towards other people, to treat others warmly, and to bring other’s Ki Energy up. If you have a positive interest towards other people, they feel light. Somebody in front of you feels light  if you are interested in that person’s good future. Please imagine, if someone is like this, you will not hesitate to help this person, it is the same as Devas, Bodhisattvas and Buddhas. As a principle of the Universe they can help these people who are raising the Ki energy of others and who have a positive interest in other people’s good future. Those people, who are pure and never on top of others, those people who are kind and warm to anybody.

Let’s love people, be loved by the Sacred existences and be loved by destiny.”

Please, Listen to the Full Dharma below. Thank you

Text and Music by Ryokyu Endo.

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