Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Ki Revolution of Happiness!

“..We human beings should realize that we should be much happier than we are now. We have the potential to be happy, mentally and also physically. …...

We haven’t found out yet how to really live happily, the main cause of this  is that we haven’t awakened another sense. 

Another sense? Yes. Of course we have the sense of touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste.  All 5 senses but we haven’t developed the sense of happiness. 

What is the sense of happiness? It’s the sense that when you give joy or a feeling of happiness to others, from the moment you give, you feel the sensation of happiness.  We human beings in general have not yet developed this and that’s why I‘ve been talking about this to make giving happiness to others the norm.. ..

 I do really wish that you have a happy life!

To awaken to this sensation of happiness you need to shift your subconscious, overcome the fear. And for that purpose, you need to…….”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Ki Revolution of Happiness”

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  1. miwatamamoto says:

    This is a really revolutional approach, for the new era of humankind! Thank you for uploading this talk!

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