Hope Warriors Dharma Talks- Throw Away Dark Clouds and Let the Sun Shine

“Throw Away Dark Clouds and Let the Sun Shine”

Well, usually people think that the recognition of the world exists objectively and has nothing to do with our body sensation. 

All existence relates with our body sensation. You can just simply think when you recognize the reflection of the light of the thing and the light will stimulate your nerves and it will transmit to the brain and you recognize things.  

It is related to your nerves.

However, with quantum theory or Mahayana buddhism philosophy,  we project our image to our consciousness to create the object.  So which is first, 

our projection or our acceptance and the nerve transmit to the brain ? 

At the same time,  I think about it both ways. This is the mystery of the phenomenon of the universe. What I want to say is that every existence, every recognition is related to your body sensation. 

Well,  there are people who don’t think that something invisible exists and nothing is related and they are not interested in the world of Ki. They think that the spiritual world doesn’t exist and just chase the comfort of the physical body and materials. 

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Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Send Spirits to the Heaven and Live Happily

“…....You will be able to let the unsaved spirits be touched by the Great Spirit of the Universe, the Great Love of the Great Spirit of the Universe and with this the unsaved spirits will be rescued to the Heavenly Realm. 

It is said in the culture of the Ainu people, the first nation of Japan  that “ the mission of the human being is to send the spirits, the  unsaved spirits, to heaven”. This is because by sending the  unsaved spirits to Heaven you will feel happiness and this feeling of happiness will increase because you will receive the  reflection of the happiness of unsaved spirits who are rescued to Heaven. And the more that you rescue the spirits, the more that your happiness will increase in your heart. All human beings have this ability and can do it if they follow or are led in a certain way………” 

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“Send Spirits to the Heaven and Live Happily”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talks-Light and Love is here and now

“Light and Love is here and now

I’d like to broadcast  this dharma talk with the wish that we transform this world to light and increase love. 

Well, Buddhism says that there are 10 worlds. The human world is one of them. The other 9 worlds are the spirit worlds.

We have an image that the human world is in between the bottom and the top and the human world is in the middle. However, I would say that the human world is the medium world. 

That’s why we get influenced by all other spiritual beings, negative and positive. 

It seems like our feelings are influenced by external phenomena. 

When bad things happen, you become depressed and when a good thing happens you become positive and feel great.

Actually, it ‘s not only that external phenomena that influences our feelings but also all other spiritual beings and spiritual worlds. 

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Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Real Practitioner and Fake Practitioner 

“...Today’s subject is about the “Real Practitioner” and the “Fake Practitioner”, and some people may not want to hear this. Actually I could  say the “Real Way of Living” and or the “Fake way of Living”, or the “Real state of the heart” or not. In other words, the way of living or the way of  practice that God, Buddha and devas would like to support or not. Or I could  say the Ki energy that fits the Infinite Development of the Universe of the  Great Spirit…….. 

Often people drop into the “unreal”, the “fake”, but at the same time wishing  to encounter the real teachings, the real way of practice even though their  heart, way of living, practice, is unreal. They still try to gain, to get the real  teaching but it is like trying to buy a treasure with fake money. ….

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“Real Practitioner and Fake Practitioner”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talks-Find Your Own Way to Peace

Now is the age that on the surface it seems like there is a fear of war or the pandemic or the economy etc.

But deeper  inside is the fear of the unclearness of what is the truth and what is fake. Also what is right and what is wrong?

In some ways, it’s good because until now people just followed what they were told by the government, by the media, by what society requires, but now it’s the time that there is a division between people and people don’t know what to believe.

On the other hand, I could say that this is the age that people need to grow their wisdom to know what is right and what is wrong. Not having to be told by the government,  the society or dogmatic religion.  We human beings are facing the fact that we need to know by ourselves what is the truth, not what has been said by teachers, gurus, or any spiritual or political leaders in the media.

We need to develop our wisdom to find out the truth by ourselves.  

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Hope Warriors Dharma Talks- Nouvelle ère spirituelle des êtres humains

Les conditions de notre santé mentale et de notre corps sont tous deux le reflet de notre énergie Ki et de nos méridiens. 

C’est pourquoi  les symptômes disparaîtront en traitant le Ki et les méridiens.

Quelle est la relation entre Ki, méridiens et subconscient? 

Le Ki est une partie du subconscient qui dépend donc de son état et il influence votre situation mentale et corporelle.

Mais quand je dis subconscient, il y a différents niveaux. Par exemple, dans le bouddhisme Mahayana, il y a au moins trois niveaux différents qui sont la conscience Mana, la conscience Araya et la conscience Amara. 

La conscience Araya signifie que tout le Karma est mis en commun. Bien sûr, tout le Karma des vies passées est regroupé dans cette conscience. 

Tout ce que vous mettez dans votre esprit, vos actions et paroles sera déposé dans votre conscience Araya. On l’appelle une graine. 

Lorsque vous mettez une graine en terre, elle va pousser et devenir un arbre.

C’est la même chose qui se produit lorsque vous mettez la graine de vos paroles, 

par exemple, dans votre conscience Araya, quand elle grandit, elle grandit comme un phénomène qu’il soit négatif ou positif. Si vous continuez à le répéter dans votre esprit, cela apparaîtra comme un phénomène dans le futur. 

Au niveau le plus profond de cette conscience Araya, se trouve la conscience Amara. C’est la conscience de la nature de Bouddha, la conscience universelle, Amida.

Vous pouvez écouter l’intégralité du Dharma ci-dessous. Merci à vous.

Hope Warriors Dharma Talks – Send unsaved spirits to the heaven

Send unsaved spirits to the heaven

There is a saying from the first nation of Japanese people called “Ainu” people, that the mission of human beings is to send spirits to heaven. People may think that the purpose of human beings is to concentrate on the human world’s daily life.

However, even if we think so, it has been said since primitive times that human beings are born to send the spirits to the heavenly realm. What does it mean? 

By the way, we human beings are receiving the influence from spiritual beings. We are influenced much more than what we think. Unsaved spirits influence our existences in many ways . 

Those unsaved spirits such as hungry ghosts,  fighting hell, they come to us to be rescued, they want to be rescued, and they contact us easily by giving us some kind of sensation in the body.

Therefore, we need to know how to send those spirits to heaven as the Ainu people say. Because if those beings put more influence into your body and heart, those spirits are not high level spirits so their influences are not pleasant.

And if they were rescued and sent to the heavenly realm then the body sensation would be changed to peace and our existence would rise up.

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Hope Warrors Dharma Talk- Laat je universum schitteren!

De prime dharma talk van Ryokyu Endo sensei op 3 december  2021

Het oneindige potentieel zit diep in jezelf verborgen.

Het heet de Grote Geest van het Universum. In boeddhisme heet dat het Boeddha natuur, in christendom of Muslim ‘een Goddelijke vonk’ zou je het kunnen noemen.

Waarom ontwaak je hier niet voor, en begin je een vreugdevolle toekomst te creëren? Hoe kun je dit geheim van het universum vinden is, hoe je naar anderen en de wereld kijkt, 

De sleutel is dat je GEEN kracht geeft aan de buitenwereld, wat is gebeurd en wat nu gebeurt in de wereld. Dit is slecht het gevolg van het verleden, de toekomst hoeft daar niet mee te maken! 

Wens het alle goeds voor jezelf én vooral anderen, de wereld. Besluit om  verantwoordelijkheid voor te nemen om een betere toekomst te scheppen. Dat creëert positieve energie en verspreidt zich in het hele universum, en komt vervolgens terug naar jezelf. Als je dat lang genoeg volhoudt, dan wordt dat een later fenomeen, de toekomst.

Niemand anders kan deze ambitie je geven of wegnemen!

Mensen hebben een oneindig potentieel. Dus als we mensen ontmoeten, kijken we alleen naar het potentieel voor een goede toekomst. Hoe kun je dat doen?  

Je hoeft alleen maar de moed te hebben om een goede toekomst voor die persoon te wensen. En deze toekomst is ook op jou gericht, want deze positieve wens kaatst meteen terug als Ki-energie naar het hele universum en naar jezelf, precies op dezelfde manier. 

Heb vertrouwen in de oneindige potentie, de Grote geest van het Universum die in de diepste laag van je hart bestaat. Dan zal je leven schitteren, dat laat je naasten en je hele universum schitteren met vol vreugde! 

De Grote Geest van het Universum wacht dàt moment, dat je leven gaat schitteren, heel geduldig maar uit van harte, vergeet niet dat je altijd door Hem gesteund wordt.

Luister hieronder de volledige voordracht:  

Muziek ‘Earth’s breath’ uit Album ‘Mandala Dream’ door Ryokyu Endo en Aminadabu 

Deze originele dharma talk in het Engels door Ryokyu sensei hier

Hope Warrios Dharma Talks- La nuova era spirituale degli Esseri Umani

La condizione del nostro corpo e della nostra mente, sono il riflesso della nostra energia KI e dei nostri meridiani. Per questo motivo trattando il KI e i meridiani il sintomo scomparirà. Ma il KI, i meridiani, ed il subconscio come sono in relazione? Il KI è parte del subconscio e dipende dalla condizione del subconscio che si riflette sul Ki i meridiani e alla situazione in cui si trova il corpo e la mente.

Ma, quando parlo di subconscio ci sono diversi livelli del subconscio. Per esempio, nel Buddhismo Mahayana esistono almeno tre livelli diversi di subconscio: la coscienza Mana e la coscienza Araya. La coscienza Araya è tutto il Karma accumulato.

Ovviamente dalle vite passate, tutto il Karma è riunito in questa area di coscienza Araya. Tutto quello che mettete: nella mente, nelle azioni e nelle parole, cadrà nella vostra coscienza Araya. Lo chiamano seme perché quando si mette un seme nel terreno cresce e diventa un albero. E la stessa cosa accade quando mettete il seme delle vostre parole, per esempio nella vostra coscienza Araya. Quando cresce, si sviluppa come fenomeno, sia esso negativo che positivo, e se continuate a ripeterlo nella vostra mente, apparirà come un fenomeno in futuro.

Ascoltate il discorso completo qui sotto. Grazie

Hope Warriors Dharma Talks- Secret of infinite improvement of the universe

Today I would like to broadcast this dharma talk for the wish that people live more freely and joyfully. I wish that such a world would come.

I often use the words infinite developpement, originally, infinite improvement. However, these words are not seen in the Buddhist Sutra. The basic concept of Mahayana Buddhism is “emptiness” and the word “emptiness” itself  is an image and is nothing to compare, as non duality. Non duality which is like myself and others, internal and external. That kind of duality does not exist in emptiness. 

If there is no comparison, how can we say there is improvement? This is because our human consciousness has very many limitations. Our human consciousness is not able to recognize the matter even the concept.  Only with the comparison, duality, that consciousness is recognized as a matter or the concept , whatever…

Therefore it doesn’t fit the concept of the improvement of the non duality world. 

The same as image, the image is that of object and subject.  Who imagines, who visualizes and the object of that image. 

But actually it exists in the non duality world,  the absolute image. Also there is a world  of non duality, the infinite development, improvement.

That’s why in the world of Pure Land there is the world that every moment happiness increases. Every moment the richness increases. Every moment comfort and  joy increase. At the same time it’s the world of non duality. 

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