Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Manifest your Potential the Most!

“…….What is the purpose of our life? Is there anyone who says “ Oh! I never thought about it.” Well, I don’t think so and especially in our teenage years we tend to think about “what is life for?”………….

I dare to say now, one of the purposes of life is to manifest your potential the most in this life……

Usually, when one tries to do something good or positive, the negativity comes as ; “what I ‘m going to do if I fail or what will other people think if I fail, can I really do it? “ All those negative excuses, not to let it happen,come to your subconscious and whisper to you, because the human world is the world of sharing, which means that in our subconsciousness, we are sharing with others both positive and also negative…………..

Therefore,  when you try to do something positive, the negative subconsciousness of human beings tries to stop it, so you need to overcome this.  To overcome this you need an iron will to manifest your potential. ….….. 

 who manifests the potential, is the one who has love toward the people, who has love towards life. You can find thousands of reasons, thousands of excuses not to do it. 

To do it, to manifest it, to realize it, there is only one motivation which is that it is positive for your life and also for other people.……”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Manifest your Potential the Most!”

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