Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Let your True Self Manifest    

“..We are all made of spirit, ki and the physical body. Ki is the ki energy, but  what is ki energy? I think that you have never heard before what I am going  to say about this. “Ki energy is subconsciousness and subconsciousness is body sensation” This body sensation is not the touch sense, we human  beings have the body sensation that is beyond the touch sense……….. 

Just after our birth, before our touch  sense was developed we only had the primal sense, which is beyond self  and others, there is a sensation of the ki energy. Actually the consciousness  is from the touch sense, when the touch sense develops we recognise  ourself and the world, the separation of them. ..

Awaken the  body sensation of the unification with all beings, the unification with the  Great Spirit of the Universe. As you become more awakened by being unified with the Great Spirit of the Universe you will be much healthier because you  feel much more alive about yourself…….” 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Let your True Self Manifest”

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