Hope Warriors Dharma Talk -Secret of Infinite Improvement of the Universe

I often use the words infinite developpement, originally, infinite improvement. However, these words are not seen in the Buddhist Sutra.

The basic concept of Mahayana Buddhism is “emptiness” and the word “emptiness” itself  is an image and is nothing to compare, as non duality. Non duality which is like myself and others, internal and external. That kind of duality does not exist in emptiness. If there is no comparison, how can we say there is improvement?

This is because our human consciousness has very many limitations. Our human consciousness is not able to recognize the matter even the concept.  Only with the comparison, duality, that consciousness is recognized as a matter or the concept, whatever…

Therefore it doesn’t fit the concept of the improvement of the non duality world. 

The same as image, the image is that of object and subject.  Who imagines, who visualizes and the object of that image. But actually it exists in the non duality world,  the absolute image. Also there is a world  of non duality, the infinite development, improvement. That’s why in the world of Pure Land there is the world that every moment happiness increases. Every moment the richness increases. Every moment comfort and  joy increase. At the same time it’s the world of non duality. 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you