Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

“Wisdom is Body Sensation”

Wisdom is not something that comes from your head, It is not not the consciousness, it is more like a body sense”………..

“Don’t think that body sensation is a touch sense. Touch sense is one of the shallow ways of recognising the world. We have a much deeper sensation”…

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“Wisdom is Body Sensation”

Sue’s Dharma Talks now changed to Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Please note the change in this page’s name. The reason for this is that more people will be reading the Dharma Talks of Ryokyu Endo. You will be able to hear the voices of various nationalities, many accents and languages but all of the same voice of hope.

Please watch and listen and we will let you into many secrets including the meaning of the picture above which is the Flame of Hope.

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Talk 13 ” Awaken to the Wisdom of Emptiness

“When you are awakened to the Wisdom of Emptiness you will recognise the five elements of the world as emptiness, which means you have the freedom to create the phenomenon. You are no longer a slave of the world. You will be the master of the world. Gain the freedom, that is the meaning of being master of the world……….”

“Actually all human beings have a mission to be born a human being and are able to awaken to the wisdom compared to other animals, and only human beings are able to share this with other human beings…………”

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“Awaken to the Wisdom of Emptiness”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Talk 12 In French.

Le Secret du Sutra du cœur (2) “Hannya-haramita” 

Tant de gens vivent dans le passé et portent le passé, donc l’objet que vous voyez comme une réalité est seulement la projection du passé.

Si votre cœur n’est pas occupé par le passé, il n’est pas souillé par l’image du passé, vous pouvez avoir la liberté de projeter votre image, tout ce que vous souhaitez projeter sur l’objet.

Alors la réalité sera changée, la réalité sera transformée du passé vers le futur. La vraie réalité est la liberté.

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Le Secret du Sutra du cœur (2) “Hannya-haramita”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Be King of the World

“True Reality of the world or True Reality of life, is that we have, we are, the potential to create the future to create the world, because the world depends on our image, on our action. Why is it that human beings easily drop into the illusion that the world can not be changed? 

There is a duality between heart and materials, subject and object. Because if we think that we are powerless to the world then we don’t have to be responsible to what is happening to or in the world. But actually this is not so. Heart and materials, heart and the world are equal. Actually yourself, myself, ourselves are not material. 

The world is yourself, your heart is the world, the world is your heart. This means that you are responsible to what is happening in the world, responsible to/ for your future. You are not a victim of the world. You are not a slave of the future. You are the main character of your life, the main character of the world. 

You are the King of the world. Determine and wish the very very best.”

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“Be King of the World”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Talk 10 Heart Sutra 8 “What is the Real Meditative State?”

When people hear “meditative state” they usually think that it is sitting and meditating, but actually it is much more important to be in the meditative state in daily life.

So, is it possible to be in a meditative state in daily life? Actually, Yes. It doesn’t matter what ever you do, you will be able to gain the switch that at any moment you will be in a state of emptiness or mediative state and adapt to the phenomena. 

The real meditative state is not some kind of out of daily life experience, because daily life, what ever you may think, is just an illusion. True reality is beyond that and you have to be able to control the daily life from the Emptiness or the Great Spirit’s point of view. This is what you can really call the Samadhi, the Dhyana, the meditative state, and actually this is the Wisdom.

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Heart Sutra 8 ” What is the Real Meditative State?”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Talk 9 In French

“Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo”.

Le titre du Sutra du cœur est “Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo”. Le mot “Maka” apparaît souvent dans le bouddhisme Mahayana et on le traduit généralement par “énorme / immense”. Hannya signifie la sagesse et Haramita veut dire  “aller sur l’autre rive” qui est le monde illuminé.

Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo “Maka”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Talk 8 Heart Sutra 7 “Open the Treasure in your Heart and Live with Wisdom”

“Don’t get caught by the past. Do you know what this means? We usually think that the present is what you are recognising, what you are imagining, what you are thinking. But basically it is all the past”.

Usually people are caught by the past and repeatedly project their past consciously to the future, and that is how people usually recognise the present.…….

“The future is what you need to create. The future is emptiness. Emptiness means that if you have the freedom by not being caught by the past image, the past concept, then the future is that which you can create, whatever you wish to”. 

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Heart Sutra 7 “Open the Treasure in your Heart and Live with Wisdom”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Sabiduría y Libertad

Talk 7 In Spanish

Sabiduría y Libertad”

“Wisdom and Freedom”

“La sabiduría es el corazón de “serás capaz de ver tu propio corazón incluyendo tu subconsciente”.

“El mundo exterior no es concreto sino una proyección de las imágenes de tu propio corazón. Todos los demás están incluidos en tu corazón, todo pertenece a tu corazón por lo que tienes mucha más libertad en la forma de pensar”.

“Wisdom and Freedom”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk

Talk 6 Heart Sutra 6 “Let’s open the True Reality”

Actually the world itself is yourself. You are living in your world which is a reflection of your state, a reflection of your heart, a reflection of your imagination”……………”See the Universe from the point of view of all beings from Hell to Pure Land”

Please listen to the short Dharma talk below. I first listened to this when it was given by my teacher and with his permission I have given my own reading below. I take full responsibility for any mistakes etc. May the heart and spirit of this talk enter your heart. Wishing you happiness and joy.

Heart Sutra 6 “Let’s open the True Reality”