Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-What is the Most Important Matter in Life

What is the most important thing, matter, in life? I would say it is Faith. 

The reason why I am saying that “the most important matter in life is Faith” is because when you want to realize your wish, to imprint into the subconscious, Faith is the most effective, the Faith that it will be realized. It is because Faith makes you feel relaxed. Faith and tension will not stand each other. 

Faith is positive but doubt brings you tension and darkness, which means negativity. 

So, how can you have the Faith that your wish will be realized? On one hand you could say that is the reflection of your prayers of the Giving Heart. If you are wishing all the best for all other people then it will reflect to your heart as Faith, or to your wish realization.

By the way, Faith is also the most important in a relationship. If you cannot trust, there is no relationship. Therefore, it is super important to be responsible for the words you have given to others.

Please listen to the full Dharma below. Thank you

What is the Most Important Matter in Life

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