Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Transform Karma into Light

Transform Karma into Light

What is Wisdom? Actually the essence of Wisdom is how much you can be conscious of your subconscious mind. The amount of your Wisdom is how much you are realizing what is happening in your subconscious.

Each one of us, as a Human Being, is carrying the Human Being’s common Karmic energy, we are sharing it. Therefore, to overcome it, to let your negativity disappear in your heart and to transform it to the positiveness, helps other Human Beings. 

Why don’t people have the face of as if the world will be Paradise tomorrow?

Well, the reason is that we Human Beings need to make the effort to be positive but no need to make an effort to be negative, because it is the Human Being’s common karmic energy that we are carrying. 

Each one of us has a mission to realize the negativity in our subconscious and to transform it into Light.

Please, listen to the full Dharma Talk here. Thank you

Transform Karma into Light

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