Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Create a Good Destiny

There are many things that are mistaken in society and from, how can  I say, from the truth point of view, spiritual point of view or ki energy point of view. actually there are several things or maybe even many things that are mistaken.  Anyway, one of these is the total misuse in society of the expressions  “Hold Ego” or “Don’t be Selfish”.  

…. when  we were a child we were told by our parents or our teachers not to be  selfish and to hold our ego or whatever. Anyway something like this  and it usually means that you should follow the school rules, or what  the teacher or parent says etc. and this is not from the truth point of view. 

I am sure when Jesus started to preach and didn’t do any work in the  family business as a carpenter, he was told by his family “What are  you doing?” Also Shakyamuni Buddha left his castle even though he  was a Prince. Everyone said that he had thrown away the Country, his  Country. These two people, Jesus and Shakyamuni Buddha didn’t  follow the rules, customs or traditions. What did they follow? They  followed the Great Spirit of the Universe…. 

How will you be able to create a comfortable and warm destiny, your future life. First you have to determine that you will create. You have to have a strong determination to change your destiny because as I said, we have not been educated or trained to make our subconsciousness with a giving heart, warm and comfortable………” 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Create a Good Destiny”

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