Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Secret Code of the Universe

Secret Code of the Universe

“It is very difficult for the Human Being to imagine or recognize what is “Infinite”. Because we Human Beings are only able to recognize matter, the duality. The duality means left or right, you or I etc . If we don’t recognize right we cannot recognize left, if there are no other people we don’t even recognize the existence of ourselves. Also the time, if there is no past, there is no future and if we say Infinite, there is no past and no future.

In Buddhism, instead of calling it Infinite, it is written as “nothing starts, nothing ends”. No start, no end, the meaning is Infinite. In addition, in the Human World everything goes down as time goes by, so for us, for you, it is difficult to visualize something like “Infinite Development”. It is totally the opposite concept of the Human Being’s world. 

That is why when we hear the words “non duality”, “emptiness”, we imagine that nothing exists. We don’t imagine that something infinite develops, spiritually, but, actually Infinite Development exists.

Even though as a concept Develop sounds like duality because it is something better. However, in the spiritual world the Infinite Development is that every moment increases the happiness or joyful existence.

Please, listen to the full Dharma below. Thank you

Secret Code of the Universe

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