Hope Warriors Dharma talk – Het magische trucs in het universum

De Prime Dharma talk van Ryokyu Endo Sensei op 26 november 2021

Als je eerst aan je eigen veiligheid denkt, dan leef je niet meer een creatief leven, het wordt gewoon ‘overleven’, om niet dood te gaan.

Allereerst is het niet leuk, dus je kunt niet volledig lachen. Je geeft in feite onbewust het leven op.

Het leven is leuk, omdat je niet weet wat de toekomst zal zijn. Het leven kan super spannend zijn als je veiligheid niet op de eerste plaats zet.

Als je actie onderneemt om een positieve toekomst te creëren, zonder vastklampt aan de ‘zekerheid’ die je nooit kunt krijgen, 

zal er iets geweldigs gebeuren, zal er nieuwe deuren opengaan.

Er zijn magische trucs in het universum. Hoe werkt het dat truc precies?

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Muziek ‘Beyond the rainbow’ uit het album ‘Solar Harmony’ door Ryokyu Endo en Aminadabu 

Deze originele dharma talk in het Engels door Ryokyu sensei hier 

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Sadness and Rescuing the Spirits

“…As long as you live as a human being, once in a while, you feel sadness and pain in your heart. The cause of this depends on the person, there are various causes………….

As I said previously, the pain of your heart is connected to the pain of the heart of all other beings so when the pain  arises in your heart it’s an opportunity to rescue the spirits and send them to the Pure Land, send them to the heavenly state. As those spirits will be saved and rescued, a fresh peaceful wind starts blowing in your heart and you will feel real relief………….. 

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“Sadness and Rescuing the Spirits”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Let your Life Shine!

Let your Life Shine!

“If your heart is filled with gratitude, if you have the richness of the heart, giving heart, altruistic heart, your physical life will also be fulfilled. Actually, this is the principle of the Universe. 

Actually, we human beings now have to be awakened that existence itself is Spirit, 100% Spirit. Therefore we need to make clear the way and that we will be able to let our richness of the heart be able to manifest, also in the physical life to create a good future, a good destiny.

We have to show the children of the planet that this is true, that this is possible, that it is not one or the other. We will be able to be happy both spiritually and physically.

Why would God, Buddha or the Great Spirit of the Universe want us to be poor if we are living spiritually? The Great Spirit of the Universe is painfully wishing to give you all the richness of the heart and all the physical richness, as well.

To be awakened to this you need to awaken that our existence, the body, is 100% Spirit. 

The workshop of Tao Shiatsu and Flame of Hope will let people experience that. 

How much power we will be able to gain by imagining or recognizing that our body, our existence, is 100% Spirit. Just think about it, we can be super powerful! 

We can gain the super powerful giving power, “Ki energy power”. Just think about it.” 

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Music by Ryokyu Endo. AMINADABU

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Deja que Tu Vida Brille

Deja Que Tu Vida Brille

“En realidad, nosotros los seres humanos ahora tenemos que despertar a que la existencia misma es Espíritu, 100% Espíritu. Por lo tanto, tenemos que dejar claro el camino y que seamos capaces de dejar que nuestra riqueza del corazón sea capaz de manifestarse, también en la vida física para crear un buen futuro, un buen destino.

Tenemos que mostrarle a los niños del planeta que esto es verdad, que esto es posible, que no es una cosa o la otra. Podremos ser felices tanto espiritualmente como físicamente.

¿Por qué Dios, Buda o el Gran Espíritu del Universo querrían que fuésemos pobres si vivimos espiritualmente? El Gran Espíritu del Universo desea dolorosamente darte toda la riqueza del corazón y también toda la riqueza física.

Para despertar a esto necesitas despertar a que nuestra existencia, el cuerpo, es 100% Espíritu. 

Los cursos de Tao Shiatsu y la Llama de la Esperanza permitirán que la gente experimente eso. 

Cuánto poder podremos ganar imaginando o reconociendo que nuestro cuerpo, nuestra existencia es 100% Espíritu. Piénsalo, ¡podemos ser superpoderosos! 

Podemos obtener el superpoderoso poder de dar, el “poder de la energía Ki”. Piensa en ello.

Escucha el Dharma completo, aquí. Gracias.

Música de Ryokyu Endo. AMINADABU

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Ki Revolution of Happiness!

“..We human beings should realize that we should be much happier than we are now. We have the potential to be happy, mentally and also physically. …...

We haven’t found out yet how to really live happily, the main cause of this  is that we haven’t awakened another sense. 

Another sense? Yes. Of course we have the sense of touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste.  All 5 senses but we haven’t developed the sense of happiness. 

What is the sense of happiness? It’s the sense that when you give joy or a feeling of happiness to others, from the moment you give, you feel the sensation of happiness.  We human beings in general have not yet developed this and that’s why I‘ve been talking about this to make giving happiness to others the norm.. ..

 I do really wish that you have a happy life!

To awaken to this sensation of happiness you need to shift your subconscious, overcome the fear. And for that purpose, you need to…….”

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“Ki Revolution of Happiness”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talks-Comment le monde spirituel vous influence-t-il ?

Depuis plusieurs conférences du Dharma, j’ai parlé de la manière de traiter avec le monde spirituel qui est invisible. Mais si je parle à la façon d’un discours un peu bizarre ou spécial comme le new âge, je dois faire très attention à ne pas être mal compris et que les gens ne l’interprètent pas de manière erronée.

Cependant, en tant qu’êtres humains, si l’on ne s’occupe pas du monde spirituel et que l‘on s’occupe que du monde matériel, l’esprit de l’être humain devient un peu sec, comme replié sur lui-même.

Il y a des gens qui ont sincèrement foi au sein d’une religion. Mais, ces personnes là vivent essentiellement encore dans le monde matériel, car elles vivent également avec des dogmes. Elles ne sont pas dans le monde spirituel car elles ne s’occupent pas du monde spirituel invisible.

Vous pouvez écouter l’intégralité du Dharma ci-dessous. Merci à vous.

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Haz de tu Vida un Arte

Haz de tu Vida un Arte

“Todos los inventos proceden de la imaginación antes de que algo tenga forma, son invisibles al principio. Algunas personas dicen que no necesitan el Cielo o la Tierra Pura, que son invisibles, pero en realidad el corazón para creer, confiar o tener fe en el Cielo o la Tierra Pura proviene de la idea, proviene de la confianza en que existe la felicidad absoluta.

Las personas que dicen que no necesitan el Cielo o la Tierra Pura, en comparación con las personas que tienen fe en ellos, estas personas tienen más fe en el ideal y en que la felicidad absoluta existe.

La energía Ki es totalmente diferente en aquellos que confían en la felicidad absoluta, es más brillante, más positiva y si su manera de vivir es compartir esta felicidad absoluta, su espíritu brilla.

En general la gente dice: “esta persona es brillante, esta persona es oscura..”. En realidad no existe una persona brillante o una persona oscura, sólo existe la persona que hace brillar a los demás o la persona que hace oscurecer a los demás.

Si sigues concentrándote, finalmente el ideal de la felicidad absoluta no va a ser sólo ideal, es la realidad del corazón y será la realidad que verás, el mundo de la felicidad absoluta que es el Cielo o la Tierra Pura, verás el brillo en tu corazón. Sabrás que hay un mundo más allá del Mundo humano, el Mundo espiritual que realmente existe.”

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Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Make your Life an Art

Make your Life an Art

“All the inventions are from the imagination before something has a form, those are invisible in the beginning. Some people say I don’t need Heaven or Pure Land which is invisible, but actually the heart to believe, trust or have a faith in Heaven or Pure Land comes from the idea, comes from the trust that absolute happiness exists.

People who say I don’t need Heaven or Pure Land, compared to the people who have faith in those, these people have more faith in the ideal and that absolute happiness exists. 

In general people say, “this person is bright, this person is dark..” Actually there is no bright person or dark person, there is only the person who makes others bright or the person who makes others dark. 

If you keep concentrating, finally the ideal of absolute happiness is not going to be just ideal, it is the reality of the heart and it will be the reality that you will see, the world of absolute happiness which is Heaven or Pure Land, you will see the brightness in your heart. You will know that there is a world beyond the human World, the spiritual World that really exists.”

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Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Let your True Self Manifest    

“..We are all made of spirit, ki and the physical body. Ki is the ki energy, but  what is ki energy? I think that you have never heard before what I am going  to say about this. “Ki energy is subconsciousness and subconsciousness is body sensation” This body sensation is not the touch sense, we human  beings have the body sensation that is beyond the touch sense……….. 

Just after our birth, before our touch  sense was developed we only had the primal sense, which is beyond self  and others, there is a sensation of the ki energy. Actually the consciousness  is from the touch sense, when the touch sense develops we recognise  ourself and the world, the separation of them. ..

Awaken the  body sensation of the unification with all beings, the unification with the  Great Spirit of the Universe. As you become more awakened by being unified with the Great Spirit of the Universe you will be much healthier because you  feel much more alive about yourself…….” 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Let your True Self Manifest”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk – Wat je lot creëert is je Ki, levensenergie

Het geluk of gelukkig verschijnselen gebeuren afhankelijk van het soort energie dat je naar de wereld uitstraalt. En deze energie creëert je lot in de toekomst.

“Geluk” betekent dat God of Boeddha (de Grote Geest van het Universum) bij je zijn. Als je met God of Boeddha bent, heb je grote geluk, niet waar? Hoe kan dan God en Boeddha in je komen wonen?

Als je oprecht je negativiteit (karma) onder ogen ziet en moeite doet om het te transformeren, als je aandacht geeft aan iemand die moet worden geheeld en je probeert hem gelukkig te maken,  Grote Geest van het Universum zal in je komen wonen.

Luister hieronder het volledige overdracht:  

Muziek ‘Flying Angels’ uit het album ‘Luna Spirit’ door Ryokyu Endo en Aminadabu 

Deze originele Dharma talk in het Engels door Ryokyu sensei hier