Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Develop Your Ki Sensation of Happiness

“……there is a new sensation that I wish that you will develop, because actually at this time of the era, it has become so easy for anyone to experience this new sensation of human beings. But still it is a very rare case that someone has developed this and lives with it in daily life. 

It’s a pity because now is a time of the era where it is possible for anyone to develop this sensation which I call ”The Ki sensation of happiness.”  How/What is this sensation like?………….

How will you be able to develop this sensation?..…………..

It’s a sensation of happiness, so you need some effort to make this happen……”

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“Develop your Ki Sensation of Happiness”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Sadness and Rescuing the Spirits

“…As long as you live as a human being, once in a while, you feel sadness and pain in your heart. The cause of this depends on the person, there are various causes………….

As I said previously, the pain of your heart is connected to the pain of the heart of all other beings so when the pain  arises in your heart it’s an opportunity to rescue the spirits and send them to the Pure Land, send them to the heavenly state. As those spirits will be saved and rescued, a fresh peaceful wind starts blowing in your heart and you will feel real relief………….. 

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“Sadness and Rescuing the Spirits”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Let your Life Shine!

Let your Life Shine!

“If your heart is filled with gratitude, if you have the richness of the heart, giving heart, altruistic heart, your physical life will also be fulfilled. Actually, this is the principle of the Universe. 

Actually, we human beings now have to be awakened that existence itself is Spirit, 100% Spirit. Therefore we need to make clear the way and that we will be able to let our richness of the heart be able to manifest, also in the physical life to create a good future, a good destiny.

We have to show the children of the planet that this is true, that this is possible, that it is not one or the other. We will be able to be happy both spiritually and physically.

Why would God, Buddha or the Great Spirit of the Universe want us to be poor if we are living spiritually? The Great Spirit of the Universe is painfully wishing to give you all the richness of the heart and all the physical richness, as well.

To be awakened to this you need to awaken that our existence, the body, is 100% Spirit. 

The workshop of Tao Shiatsu and Flame of Hope will let people experience that. 

How much power we will be able to gain by imagining or recognizing that our body, our existence, is 100% Spirit. Just think about it, we can be super powerful! 

We can gain the super powerful giving power, “Ki energy power”. Just think about it.” 

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Music by Ryokyu Endo. AMINADABU

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Ki Revolution of Happiness!

“..We human beings should realize that we should be much happier than we are now. We have the potential to be happy, mentally and also physically. …...

We haven’t found out yet how to really live happily, the main cause of this  is that we haven’t awakened another sense. 

Another sense? Yes. Of course we have the sense of touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste.  All 5 senses but we haven’t developed the sense of happiness. 

What is the sense of happiness? It’s the sense that when you give joy or a feeling of happiness to others, from the moment you give, you feel the sensation of happiness.  We human beings in general have not yet developed this and that’s why I‘ve been talking about this to make giving happiness to others the norm.. ..

 I do really wish that you have a happy life!

To awaken to this sensation of happiness you need to shift your subconscious, overcome the fear. And for that purpose, you need to…….”

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“Ki Revolution of Happiness”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Make your Life an Art

Make your Life an Art

“All the inventions are from the imagination before something has a form, those are invisible in the beginning. Some people say I don’t need Heaven or Pure Land which is invisible, but actually the heart to believe, trust or have a faith in Heaven or Pure Land comes from the idea, comes from the trust that absolute happiness exists.

People who say I don’t need Heaven or Pure Land, compared to the people who have faith in those, these people have more faith in the ideal and that absolute happiness exists. 

In general people say, “this person is bright, this person is dark..” Actually there is no bright person or dark person, there is only the person who makes others bright or the person who makes others dark. 

If you keep concentrating, finally the ideal of absolute happiness is not going to be just ideal, it is the reality of the heart and it will be the reality that you will see, the world of absolute happiness which is Heaven or Pure Land, you will see the brightness in your heart. You will know that there is a world beyond the human World, the spiritual World that really exists.”

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Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Let your True Self Manifest    

“..We are all made of spirit, ki and the physical body. Ki is the ki energy, but  what is ki energy? I think that you have never heard before what I am going  to say about this. “Ki energy is subconsciousness and subconsciousness is body sensation” This body sensation is not the touch sense, we human  beings have the body sensation that is beyond the touch sense……….. 

Just after our birth, before our touch  sense was developed we only had the primal sense, which is beyond self  and others, there is a sensation of the ki energy. Actually the consciousness  is from the touch sense, when the touch sense develops we recognise  ourself and the world, the separation of them. ..

Awaken the  body sensation of the unification with all beings, the unification with the  Great Spirit of the Universe. As you become more awakened by being unified with the Great Spirit of the Universe you will be much healthier because you  feel much more alive about yourself…….” 

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“Let your True Self Manifest”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- What You Are Ultimately Looking For is…

What You Are Ultimately Looking For is…

“Whatever human beings do, everything is based on the motivation, unconsciously, to gain the feeling of security and peace in the mind. 

So, what all human beings are ultimately looking for is the complete secure and peaceful feeling which you had when you were in Heaven or your mother’s tummy, or the Great Love of the Great Spirit of the Universe, the Pure Land.

There is a way you will be able to receive the unification of the Great Love of the Great  Spirit of the Universe which melts you, your body, your heart and you will be filled with peace and warmth, as if you were in a hot spring, a total feeling of peace, relaxing.

You will be told, whispered to your subconscious by the Great Spirit that your existence is Ok as it is, there is no need to pretend anything, no need to try to be somebody else but yourself, you are accepted as you are. Your Spirit, your existence, your heart all, will be touched, tenderly, by the Great Spirit or The Great Love of the Great Spirit of the Universe.

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Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Change your Life by Changing your Story

“..What is written in the Sutras? If you haven’t read so many Sutras you might think that the Buddhist Sutra is all about philosophical things. Actually  even in the Buddhist Sutra, especially in Mahayana Buddhism, what is written there is basically a story,  a drama,  images, and in the stories you can find the philosophy and or the true reality of the Universe, and the way of practice etc…

Basically, the structure is made of the story, that is also true of the Bible.  So, why are the Bible and Buddhist Sutras made of stories? Actually, all existence itself are stories; …….

We exist based on the stories and the story can be rewritten. You don’t need to keep your old stories……”

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“Change your Life by Changing your Story”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-What were you Told before You were Born?

“…These days, I have been talking about the spiritual world. Because you need to be more aware about this spiritual world, how it has a direct influence on our life. The spiritual world is invisible; however, the human world and the spiritual world are just next to each other. If you open a different kind of your eyes, the spiritual world is in front of you……

..the role of the human being is to connect to the spiritual world so that the lower spiritual world receives the light of the higher spiritual world to connect them. It is the role of the human world and when you are going to be born as a human being, before you are born, sent to this human world, you are told how you develop spirituality in the human world. 

It is because the human world is the best place to practice.  As it’s written in the sutra, that one day practice in the human world is the same quality of 1000 years of practicing in the Pure Land. This is because it’s not easy to practice in the human world……….

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What were you Told before you were Born?”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Human World is the Examination

Human World is the Examination

“…I believe that there are people who are really wishing to change the heart of the Human Being to make this World a much more comfortable place to live, care for others, take care of others, and be responsible for the happiness of each other. 

…So about these two particular, specific, points of the Human World, one of them is that there is a big time lapse to get the result of your karma, either positive or negative and the other one is that it is not easy to realize.

Human World is a place to be examined, is a test…. in other words a time lapse because you don’t get the result immediately. …. How are you going to live in this Human World?

You are tested by The Great Spirit of the Universe by living in the Human World…

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Music by Ryokyu Endo. Aminadabu