Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-The Ki of Altruism and Ego Subconsciousness 

“..I often talk about the altruistic way of living. By the way, altruism in Japanese  is Rita, it is a Buddhist word. From now on I will just say Rita.

When I say “Rita” it is about the ki energy, it is not about the action. I am mainly talking about the ki energy of Rita but of course if the ki exists then as a result there will be an action and it is going to be the  way of living. But let’s analyse the ki of Rita……… 

When you are not sending out this ki energy to the world then it is the  opposite, it is the ego heart that exists in your subconsciousness. The  structure of the Universe is that only the opposite exists, there is no in -between, either light or darkness. Therefore in your heart there is either light or darkness, the Rita heart or the ego heart in your subconsciousness and it is back and forth………. 

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 To the person who was born on this planet to transform the heart of humankind to altruism

“The Ki of Altruism and Ego Subconsciousness” 

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Health and the Great Spirit of the Universe

“.Today I would like to talk about the Great Spirit of the Universe and Health. Actually  there are ways depending on how you look at the world and or how you look at the  body that can affect your health……….

So what is the view of the body to make you healthy? It is to see the body as a heart, as a spirit itself . Never see, never look at the body as material. Respect the existence,  the existence is a spirit. This is a way to send good ki energy to others and also for yourself. But although this is a way to make people healthier, in general  people in this world have a materialistic view of the body…..

 Even though…….”

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“Health and the Great Spirit of the Universe”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Meeting Great Love with a Painful Heart

“…..People who are living with Rita, living an altruistic life can not avoid the  experience of getting hurt once in a while. This is some kind of interesting  structure of the human world.

As Shakyamuni Buddha said “Life is  suffering”. The source of Rita, the altruistic heart, the giving heart, the source  is what I call “Sesshin”. Sesshin, this is a special word and it is the one point  in the chest that has or feels some pain in the heart.

This is the source of  empathy towards others. The pain of the heart but also the source of  kindness, the kind heart, the tender heart, the transformation of session, the  one point of pain in the heart which we, which all human beings have carried  since childhood. If you remember when you were in your childhood, you were feeling responsible for the feelings of your parents, this is the source of the heart  of caring for others. However many people lose, have lost this as they grow up. Do you know why?….

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“Meeting Great Love with a Painful Heart”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Find the Way to Heal your Sadness

“..Shakyamuni Buddha said “Life is suffering”. Some people understand this  but for others these words may not make much sense because they say  things like “What are you talking about, life is so much fun, it is filled with  joy. If you look at the negative side of life it is not good……”.and so on.  But………

In the case that you have been carrying the sadness in your heart, in your  body or your life for no reason and can not throw away the questions “Why  am I here? Why am I living? What is life for? I would say that you are  spiritually healthy. Let’s say that you are on a train, you don’t know where  this train is going even though you are a passenger. Wouldn’t it be strange  if you didn’t have any questions like “Where is this train going to? Why am I on this train?”. ..

By the way of course your sadness will not leave you because you know  that one day you will have to leave everything. If you don’t stop your brain  thinking “Why am I living on this planet, in this world? Where is this train  going?” Then your sadness is proof that you are healthy. ...

All the people who found a way they carried their sadness, they carried  their suffering and their questions. In the end they found a way…….”

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“Find the Way to Heal your Sadness”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Time comes from the Future

“…….The common sense of the world thinks that time comes from the past and goes to the future, but if you are a practitioner don’t let the past exist. Don’t let the past exist because time is not coming from the past, it is coming from the future. 

So, time is coming from the future, what does this mean? Well,  please feel, what is the body sensation that you have at this  moment, or what is the feeling that you have in your heart or your  mind. What is going on in your subconsciousness, in the deep level  of your heart, this includes both the negativeness and the  positiveness.  You might think that all these things that are happening in your heart, your  body sensation or subconsciousness, the feeling or feelings that you are carrying, you might think that it or they are coming from your past experiences.………

What I want you to realise is that the future, the guaranteed bright future, will change your present feeling. If the future is bright then what you feel now, your feeling of the present is also bright and  happy.………

Clearly create a happy future, have the image of this and put this image in your heart now. This makes your heart happy. This makes  your present self happy and of course the happy future comes.  You are already happy so what is there to suffer? What is there to suffer if you are sure, if you know, if you are creating a happy future in your heart……” 

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“Time comes from the Future”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Secret Code of the Universe

Secret Code of the Universe

“It is very difficult for the Human Being to imagine or recognize what is “Infinite”. Because we Human Beings are only able to recognize matter, the duality. The duality means left or right, you or I etc . If we don’t recognize right we cannot recognize left, if there are no other people we don’t even recognize the existence of ourselves. Also the time, if there is no past, there is no future and if we say Infinite, there is no past and no future.

In Buddhism, instead of calling it Infinite, it is written as “nothing starts, nothing ends”. No start, no end, the meaning is Infinite. In addition, in the Human World everything goes down as time goes by, so for us, for you, it is difficult to visualize something like “Infinite Development”. It is totally the opposite concept of the Human Being’s world. 

That is why when we hear the words “non duality”, “emptiness”, we imagine that nothing exists. We don’t imagine that something infinite develops, spiritually, but, actually Infinite Development exists.

Even though as a concept Develop sounds like duality because it is something better. However, in the spiritual world the Infinite Development is that every moment increases the happiness or joyful existence.

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Secret Code of the Universe

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Infinite Development is Fun

“…If there is no infinite development then it is not the Universe or the world. For us human beings it is so difficult to imagine that the world of the infinite  exists because we are living in the limited world and trapped in the duality  world by our consciousness. For us human beings it is so difficult for us to  imagine the world of infinity because we are living in the world of, as time  passes everything goes down, everything decays. Food becomes bad,  everything just becomes old and decays as do our bodies as the years go by. … 

……….Overcome the fear of decreasing. All these fears come from the fear of  death but the true reality of the Universe is its infinite development. Never  accept a goal, there is no goal, there is only the starting point to increase the  depth and height.The shininess of the spirit increases. This is the essence of the practice……” 

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“Infinite Development is Fun”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-What is the Most Important Matter in Life

What is the most important thing, matter, in life? I would say it is Faith. 

The reason why I am saying that “the most important matter in life is Faith” is because when you want to realize your wish, to imprint into the subconscious, Faith is the most effective, the Faith that it will be realized. It is because Faith makes you feel relaxed. Faith and tension will not stand each other. 

Faith is positive but doubt brings you tension and darkness, which means negativity. 

So, how can you have the Faith that your wish will be realized? On one hand you could say that is the reflection of your prayers of the Giving Heart. If you are wishing all the best for all other people then it will reflect to your heart as Faith, or to your wish realization.

By the way, Faith is also the most important in a relationship. If you cannot trust, there is no relationship. Therefore, it is super important to be responsible for the words you have given to others.

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What is the Most Important Matter in Life

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Create a Good Destiny

There are many things that are mistaken in society and from, how can  I say, from the truth point of view, spiritual point of view or ki energy point of view. actually there are several things or maybe even many things that are mistaken.  Anyway, one of these is the total misuse in society of the expressions  “Hold Ego” or “Don’t be Selfish”.  

…. when  we were a child we were told by our parents or our teachers not to be  selfish and to hold our ego or whatever. Anyway something like this  and it usually means that you should follow the school rules, or what  the teacher or parent says etc. and this is not from the truth point of view. 

I am sure when Jesus started to preach and didn’t do any work in the  family business as a carpenter, he was told by his family “What are  you doing?” Also Shakyamuni Buddha left his castle even though he  was a Prince. Everyone said that he had thrown away the Country, his  Country. These two people, Jesus and Shakyamuni Buddha didn’t  follow the rules, customs or traditions. What did they follow? They  followed the Great Spirit of the Universe…. 

How will you be able to create a comfortable and warm destiny, your future life. First you have to determine that you will create. You have to have a strong determination to change your destiny because as I said, we have not been educated or trained to make our subconsciousness with a giving heart, warm and comfortable………” 

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“Create a Good Destiny”

Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Transform Karma into Light

Transform Karma into Light

What is Wisdom? Actually the essence of Wisdom is how much you can be conscious of your subconscious mind. The amount of your Wisdom is how much you are realizing what is happening in your subconscious.

Each one of us, as a Human Being, is carrying the Human Being’s common Karmic energy, we are sharing it. Therefore, to overcome it, to let your negativity disappear in your heart and to transform it to the positiveness, helps other Human Beings. 

Why don’t people have the face of as if the world will be Paradise tomorrow?

Well, the reason is that we Human Beings need to make the effort to be positive but no need to make an effort to be negative, because it is the Human Being’s common karmic energy that we are carrying. 

Each one of us has a mission to realize the negativity in our subconscious and to transform it into Light.

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Transform Karma into Light