Hope Warriors Dharma Talks-Light and Love is here and now

“Light and Love is here and now

I’d like to broadcast  this dharma talk with the wish that we transform this world to light and increase love. 

Well, Buddhism says that there are 10 worlds. The human world is one of them. The other 9 worlds are the spirit worlds.

We have an image that the human world is in between the bottom and the top and the human world is in the middle. However, I would say that the human world is the medium world. 

That’s why we get influenced by all other spiritual beings, negative and positive. 

It seems like our feelings are influenced by external phenomena. 

When bad things happen, you become depressed and when a good thing happens you become positive and feel great.

Actually, it ‘s not only that external phenomena that influences our feelings but also all other spiritual beings and spiritual worlds. 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

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