Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Real Practitioner and Fake Practitioner 

“...Today’s subject is about the “Real Practitioner” and the “Fake Practitioner”, and some people may not want to hear this. Actually I could  say the “Real Way of Living” and or the “Fake way of Living”, or the “Real state of the heart” or not. In other words, the way of living or the way of  practice that God, Buddha and devas would like to support or not. Or I could  say the Ki energy that fits the Infinite Development of the Universe of the  Great Spirit…….. 

Often people drop into the “unreal”, the “fake”, but at the same time wishing  to encounter the real teachings, the real way of practice even though their  heart, way of living, practice, is unreal. They still try to gain, to get the real  teaching but it is like trying to buy a treasure with fake money. ….

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Real Practitioner and Fake Practitioner”

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