Hope Warriors Dharma Talks-Find Your Own Way to Peace

Now is the age that on the surface it seems like there is a fear of war or the pandemic or the economy etc.

But deeper  inside is the fear of the unclearness of what is the truth and what is fake. Also what is right and what is wrong?

In some ways, it’s good because until now people just followed what they were told by the government, by the media, by what society requires, but now it’s the time that there is a division between people and people don’t know what to believe.

On the other hand, I could say that this is the age that people need to grow their wisdom to know what is right and what is wrong. Not having to be told by the government,  the society or dogmatic religion.  We human beings are facing the fact that we need to know by ourselves what is the truth, not what has been said by teachers, gurus, or any spiritual or political leaders in the media.

We need to develop our wisdom to find out the truth by ourselves.  

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

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