Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-How to Feel Joy of the Life

“……It is said that the most pleasant joy of human beings is to achieve a  purpose, a goal together with the cooperation of others, as a team….  

We have had such a D.N.A. since we were hunting the  mammoth,cooperating together with people, hunting, getting the food and sharing it with others. This is why the Chinese character for  “beautiful” means the huge goat because if the goat or sheep is huge then people can share the food, share the pleasure .That’s why people love to watch sports, watch a team play and share the pleasure of the victory…………. 

In the primitive time age it was not easy to get food therefore to get and share what they got together was a great pleasure. But what  about in these modern times? Well if people, in general that is, get  everything without any effort, without any purpose, then they don’t  feel any happiness and don’t even feel that they are living. They then start facing to “What is life for? What is the purpose of life?”……….”  

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“How to Feel Joy of the Life”

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