Hope Warriors Dharma Talks – Send unsaved spirits to the heaven

Send unsaved spirits to the heaven

There is a saying from the first nation of Japanese people called “Ainu” people, that the mission of human beings is to send spirits to heaven. People may think that the purpose of human beings is to concentrate on the human world’s daily life.

However, even if we think so, it has been said since primitive times that human beings are born to send the spirits to the heavenly realm. What does it mean? 

By the way, we human beings are receiving the influence from spiritual beings. We are influenced much more than what we think. Unsaved spirits influence our existences in many ways . 

Those unsaved spirits such as hungry ghosts,  fighting hell, they come to us to be rescued, they want to be rescued, and they contact us easily by giving us some kind of sensation in the body.

Therefore, we need to know how to send those spirits to heaven as the Ainu people say. Because if those beings put more influence into your body and heart, those spirits are not high level spirits so their influences are not pleasant.

And if they were rescued and sent to the heavenly realm then the body sensation would be changed to peace and our existence would rise up.

 Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

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