Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Relief from Wishing for Unhappiness Syndrome  

“……..Whatever you wish for others is whatever you wish for yourself and those  are exactly the same amount in the subconscious level. However many  people are carrying the negative karma of “wishing for unhappiness  syndrome”. ……..

So, anyway, how to be relieved from this “wishing for unhappiness  syndrome”? The only way is to wish for the happiness of others and to live  for that. This is because by doing this you will be able to start to allow  yourself to be happy which is the start of having relief from the wishing for  unhappiness syndrome karma.…….

I do wish that you start wishing for the happiness of others, not only  wishing but actively living for that…………”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Relief from Wishing Unhappiness Syndrome”

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