Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Live with Responding from the Universe

Live with Responding from the Universe

“AlI ten Worlds from Hell to Pure Land, all are  included with each other. 

So, even in the heart of Pure Land beings, there is an internal hell. Also in Hell world beings, there is an internal Pure Land.

Nobody will be rescued, and/or feel saved if  they are not being understood.  No one feels loved, if they do not feel understood.

 “one mind, three thousand worlds”, which means that when you mind something, it will spread all over to the three thousand worlds. At the same time the mind  which seems to be produced from your heart,  is a reflection from all  three  thousand worlds.

This philosophy  is very important for you to understand. 

The moment of your mind affects all over the Universe, and at the same time, there is a reflection from  all over the Universe. 

Every being affects each other and at the same time each  being is the reflection of the whole world. 

What you have in your mind, what you keep in your mind will create the phenomenon and the future.

Please, listen to the full Dharma talk below. Thank you

Music and text by Ryokyu Endo

Voice by Belén Rodilla Celestino

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