Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Be Free from False Faith

Ryokyu Endo Prime Dharma talk for your Fortune Development. 21st July 2022

I would like to broadcast today for the wish that the world becomes a place where people can live more feely.

According to this wish,  I ‘d like to start to talk about “the faith”.  I mean spiritual faith, religious faith,whatever anyway in this field. I ‘m not sure about the rest of the world but in Japan the phrase “religious faith” is taken to mean something like “stupid ”. Stupid to believe. There are 2 reasons to say this.

However, what is the meaning of faith originally, in Buddhism ?

Benei Yamazaki, who was really active about 100 years ago in Japan, was called the modern Shyakamuni Buddha. He said that faith is the unification with the mystic. It means Unification with the Great Spirit of the Universe. I would say that real faith is the actual sensation, that the Great Spirit of the Universe, Amida exists, actually exists.

 Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

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