Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-When you are Feeling Sad  

Do you have any sadness and or pain in your heart? Actually, living as a  human being there isn’t anyone who doesn’t carry any sadness or  pain in their heart.………

This time period is quite interesting because most people are thinking  that “everybody is happy except me”. Nearly everybody is thinking  this way so people race to show off how happy they are……  

But anyway as I said there isn’t anybody who hasn’t had some sad or  painful experience in their childhood because that is an arrangement  of the human being. This arrangement is so that we will be able to  empathise with the pain of others. …. 

And as your empathy grows, empathy towards the pain of others, the  sadness of others, you will care more for others, love others and pray for  the happiness of others. As your heart expands more and praying for  others to care for others, the amount that you care, pray and love  

others is the amount you receive the Great Love from the Great Spirit  of the Universe. You may ask “Why?” Because that is the Principle of  the Universe. That is the cause and effect. ….…”

 Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“When you are Feeling Sad”

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