Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Relief from Religion

Relief from Religion

“Many people mix up religion and spirituality. However, when spirituality has grown enough, one will be relieved from religion. 

When one’s spirituality has grown enough they leave the religion, just as when the seed has grown, breaks through the ground and starts growing as a tree up to the sky. 

Anyway, there is an interesting word in Buddhism that is also used in martial arts which is  “Shu- Ha-Ri”, three steps of the growth of spirituality.

Shu  is to keep the tradition, keep everything as taught, either traditionally or based on what the teachers or leaders show. 

After that Ha , which means to break the tradition . And finally  Ri , which means relief from everything. Why relief? It is because there is no word of dogma but just the state of the heart and body.

When spirituality has grown something breaks through the ego, and when you break through the ego your spirituality starts to grow, you discover yourself as a new person reborn. It is also a time to break through the words and dogma. Spirituality goes beyond the dogma and words

Please listen to the full Dharma below. Thank you

Music and text by Ryokyu Endo

Voice Belén Rodilla

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