Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Live in the Present. Create Good Fortune

Live in the Present. Create Good Fortune

“I wish that you will have a good destiny, good fortune, therefore I would like to talk about how to be in the Ki of Fortune, of the good destiny.

We have in Japanese the word “Unki”, “Un” is the destiny and Ki is the Ki energy, which means that in Japan or might be China, in the East, people knew that destiny was brought by Ki energy.

Actually this UnKi and how you see the present is related, the present being the “here and now”. Since the book called: Be Here Now” was sold in the West, people are aware of the importance of “The Now” the  present. Unfortunately most people misunderstand the concept of now, how you see the present. 

There are actually two types of present, one is the present that is included in the past and the other is the present that is included in the future. 

Most people see the present that is included in the past.

But people think the moment they recognize things is the present, but actually it is already the past. I think this is related to this, but when we think about the present, we think about the future based on the past, “because we had experienced this then it is going to be like this”

We imagine unconsciously about the future from what we have experienced, that’s why many people are trapped by trauma and repeatedly create what has happened in the past. But don’t forget that the real present is not there. 

So what is the real present? It is the present which includes the future. The real present is what we create and produce. When we determine what is going to happen in the future, well usually people will not determine about the future, because most people don’t know that we can create the future by determination, visualisation and constant action.

Please, Listen to the full Dharma below. Thank you

Music and text by Ryokyu Endo

Voice by Belén Rodilla

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