Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-How to Be Closer to Heaven

“…….. I’m wishing not only to change the world but I’m wishing that by transforming people’s hearts toward altruism, their existence will get closer to Heaven and or Pureland because material things won’t change their life. The money or position, the fame, the external things or conditions of life will not change the life of a person……………….

One, whose heart is getting closer to heaven, will be able to think more about the future, subconsciously. Even about the future after passing away. Why are they able to think about the future more? 

It is because the fear is getting less by the heart getting closer to Heaven or Pureland, by the heart transforming to altruism. Why is there less fear?  Because subconsciously, we know where we are going to in the future and what will happen in the future, including our next life,……

 If the state of your heart is close to heaven then of course your future will be brighter. So there is no need to fear it, no need to fear the future..   

But if one is in a state of ego , it means that………”

 Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“How to be closer to Heaven”

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