Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-What is the meaning of suffering in life

What is the meaning of suffering in life

The suffering has a meaning, which is to shake up your subconscious.

if you try to escape from the karma and the suffering you are escaping from God or Buddha, which is the Light. 

Suffering and karma is the shadow and God or Buddha is the Light.

We cannot face, unify or manifest the Light without facing the shadow. 

The suffering makes you deeply think, what was the purpose of my birth in this life? What should I manifest? 

Through your suffering in life, get reminded of why you were born, why you are living. Awaken to this and start to live your real life

It is different in each individual’s unique life and that is the meaning of the manifestation of the light of God or Buddha, the Great Spirit of the Universe, Amida.”

Please, Listen to the Full Dharma below. Thank You

Music and text by Ryokyu Endo

Voice by Belén Rodilla

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