Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Harmony of Sadness and Joyfulness

Harmony of Sadness and Joyfulness

“Well I am giving this Dharma Talk to the people who were and who are finding the sadness and suffering of life, living as a human being. 

The sadness you feel will make your heart pure, transparently pure. 

The suffering you feel in life trains you to make your soul stronger. 

There is a poem, I remember, which was written more than 70 years ago in Japan: “In autumn my sadness went far into the sky and becomes silent” 

The transparently pure sky in autumn is symbolizing the sadness you feel in autumn. 

only people who felt sad and suffered are able to empathically understand the sadness and suffering of others. 

Why is that? It is because life is an arrangement for us to experience those, to train ourselves, to train our empathy to be able to empathically understand other people’s hearts.

Because you are sent to this human world by being told: “Train your soul to make it brighter and come back”. We are not sent here into this world just to survive, we are here to learn how to help other people and to shine our spirit and life, to train our mind to have freedom to be able to create the future.

The pure sadness makes your heart pure and transparent. 

Your suffering strengthens your soul to be able to practice.

I do wish that your sadness and Joy will spring out from you, be melted as one and start creating the beautiful harmonized melody for your existence and naturally the Great Love that manifests from you will be shared to all beings, not only on this planet but the whole Universe.”

Please listen to the full Dharma below. Thank you

Music and text by Ryokyu Endo

Voice by Belén Rodilla

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