Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-The Only Way Not to Be Controlled By the Devil 

The Only Way Not to Be Controlled By the Devil 

“There is a book called “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill…..

…which is a dialogue between the Devil and himself, Napoleon Hill. According to this book the Devil said that he is controlling 98% of the humans on the planet. It is a large number of people, isn’t it?

Do you know what is the best way to control people? The best way to control people is to not let them notice that they are controlled, because if they are not realizing it they will be controlled until the end. 

Anyway, Napoleon Hill wrote an interpretation about this in his book, but I would like to talk about the part he didn’t write about. 

Well in my memory I think he explained that those people who don’t determine the future, who are not sure about the future, who don’t visualize the future and who don’t believe it, they are controlled by the Devil. 

Of course to believe in the good future of oneself is to automatically believe in the future of others, which means wishing the good future of others, because one subconscious cannot separate self and others. 

This is the part that he didn’t describe in his book. One will think that he or she is not really positive about the future or really living in altruism, but they are not so negative about the future and not so egoistic. So many people think this way, like a “gray zone”, and they are thinking like “I am not so positive but I am not so negative either”. There is a way to find out what this state of the heart is. 

Anyway, what the Devil says in the book of Napoleon Hill means that this is how the Devil controls 98% of the people. They don’t notice that they are controlled by Karma. 

As I have been saying, and as you know, Ki energy is the source of everything, your health, your relationships, your fortune, your future, your destiny, everything. 

So start to look at your heart and keep shifting, negativity to positivity every moment, to train, to make it subconscious, like riding a bicycle or like the circulation of the blood by your heart. Make your Ki energy comfortable to let yourself and others also around you, feel comfortable, warm, lifting up, light and bright.

Please listen to the full Dharma below. Thank you

Music and Text by Ryokyu Endo

Voice by Belén Rodilla

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