Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Visualise your Wish, it will be Realised!

“If you have a wish, what you want to be in the future or the situation that you want it to be in the future, then you should start to visualise it and feel it as if it is the reality. Keep visualising it as to penetrate into your subconsciousness because it will be realised……… 

 …there is a problem on the human  beings side. This is because even though you have a wish, for example, you want to be in some situation, subconsciously you might think that it is not going to happen etc...It is because in some cases you feel that you are not valuable enough to be loved by life.

So how to overcome the feeling of lack of self worth so that you can live the life of the wish realisation…

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Visualise your Wish, it will be Realised”

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