Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-The Way of Fortune Development

The Way of Fortune Development

“Not so many people are aware that the Universe is Spirit.

The Universe itself is the Infinite Development of the Spirit. 

Therefore, how to be unified with the Universe, which is the Infinite Development? There is only one way and a very unique way, it is for the one who is able to be aware of the light and shadow of one’s own heart. 

The light and shadow which are the positive and negative parts of the heart.

Well, the negativity can only be recognized or realized when wisdom is awakened. Wisdom will be awakened only by practicing altruism, practicing giving heart to others. Because the positive heart, such as the giving heart, when you try to increase it, then the shadow, the negative part, which is the ego, can be recognized. 
So, I must say those who do not recognize their own negativity either lack wisdom or they don’t practice altruism.

The healthy way is to recognize the negative part of yourself and all the time transform it to the light. In this way you will recognize the God, Buddha, the Great Spirit of the Universe as a light, as a Nobel existence, as an existence of Love, whatever. It is a projection of your internal God or Buddha and as a reflection of The Great Spirit of the Universe that you recognize externally, you can feel that your negativity is what is most loved by the Great Spirit of the Universe, because it is the source of the Infinite Development. 

You need to have a healthy relationship with the negativity and positivity that you have in your heart. 

When the shadow appears, some people are defeated by the shadow and side with the light, in that case these people can be very negative to the community of practice or the leader, they start projecting all the negativity towards the leader and the community.

The life method: “transforming every moment one’s own shadow to the light”, is a life method because this is the only way to unify with the Great Spirit of the Universe, which is Infinite Development of the Universe.

Please Listen to the Full Dharma below. Thank you

Music and Text by Ryokyu Endo

Voice by Belén Rodilla


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