Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Your Life will be an Expression of Prayer

“I have a saying that life should be a prayer.

Yes, and maybe someone listening to this Dharma talk agrees with my idea, but how can your life be as a prayer?…………….

….. one heart and ten worlds means that each one of us, each one of the existences has ten different worlds internally. So people in the hungry ghost state also have the heart of Buddha internally as well as nine other worlds. That is why Buddha can rescue, for example, hell beings can be rescued through the prayer of the human beings because they have the heart of Buddha internally…..

Well, the practice has to be based on the prayers. If you are not realising that you have ten different worlds internally, the prayers won’t happen or even if there are prayers they become shallow.……….

The reason why people don’t find it easy to focus on the prayers in the practice is because if you do altruistic prayers in your heart you realise the other parts of your heart. The other nine worlds exist inside of your heart, the heart of hell, hungry ghost, whatever, but actually this is the key to make your practice real and make your life for the prayers………. 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Your Life will be an Expression of Prayer”

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