Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Evil Spirits also have Super -Nature Power 

“…Today I would like to talk about how to deal with the spiritual world, what you need to be aware of because there is a way to deal with it but sometimes it is dangerous.  

The spiritual world is a subject which is very sensitive and at the same there  is danger, do you know why? Buddhism teaches about the “Super- Nature Power of Evil and the Super- Nature Power of Buddha” Evil has five super-  nature powers but Buddha has six super nature powers. Five are the same,  do you know what those five super nature powers are?…………..  

These five super -nature powers are the same for both evil spirits and Buddha. But there is one super -nature power, spiritual power that Buddha has but evil doesn’t and that is not leaking Jaki, not leaking ego from the very existence. This is called “Ro-jinzu”in Japanese and this is what Buddha has but evil doesn’t have……  

We need a healthy relationship to deal with the spiritual  world, not to be used by a strange cult Guru, not to be used by the dogma of  religion. We need to deal with and have a healthy relationship with the  spiritual world………

…….anything that tries to stimulate  your ego, don’t deal with it, even if it is something spiritual. For example, it  makes you a special person, you are told you can gain super -nature  power, the Guru can see your past life and you have to follow him or her  because you can depend on him or her, and so on…… You also have to be careful of anything that stimulates your fear. For example, you have to follow this dogma otherwise you will go to hell. 

These are all things you need to be careful about. So, the basic things that you need to put in your mind is….

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Evil Spirits also have Super-Nature Power”


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