Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Change your Life by Changing your Story

“..What is written in the Sutras? If you haven’t read so many Sutras you might think that the Buddhist Sutra is all about philosophical things. Actually  even in the Buddhist Sutra, especially in Mahayana Buddhism, what is written there is basically a story,  a drama,  images, and in the stories you can find the philosophy and or the true reality of the Universe, and the way of practice etc…

Basically, the structure is made of the story, that is also true of the Bible.  So, why are the Bible and Buddhist Sutras made of stories? Actually, all existence itself are stories; …….

We exist based on the stories and the story can be rewritten. You don’t need to keep your old stories……”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Change your Life by Changing your Story”

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