Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-What were you Told before You were Born?

“…These days, I have been talking about the spiritual world. Because you need to be more aware about this spiritual world, how it has a direct influence on our life. The spiritual world is invisible; however, the human world and the spiritual world are just next to each other. If you open a different kind of your eyes, the spiritual world is in front of you……

..the role of the human being is to connect to the spiritual world so that the lower spiritual world receives the light of the higher spiritual world to connect them. It is the role of the human world and when you are going to be born as a human being, before you are born, sent to this human world, you are told how you develop spirituality in the human world. 

It is because the human world is the best place to practice.  As it’s written in the sutra, that one day practice in the human world is the same quality of 1000 years of practicing in the Pure Land. This is because it’s not easy to practice in the human world……….

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

What were you Told before you were Born?”

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