Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Human World is the Examination

Human World is the Examination

“…I believe that there are people who are really wishing to change the heart of the Human Being to make this World a much more comfortable place to live, care for others, take care of others, and be responsible for the happiness of each other. 

…So about these two particular, specific, points of the Human World, one of them is that there is a big time lapse to get the result of your karma, either positive or negative and the other one is that it is not easy to realize.

Human World is a place to be examined, is a test…. in other words a time lapse because you don’t get the result immediately. …. How are you going to live in this Human World?

You are tested by The Great Spirit of the Universe by living in the Human World…

Please Listen to the Full Dharma Below. Thank you

Music by Ryokyu Endo. Aminadabu

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