Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-What Does Buddhism Teach about the Spiritual World?

What Does Buddhism Teach about the Spiritual World?

“The specific point of the Human World is that there are many different spiritual levels of beings living together. Therefore in some of the Human Beings their spirit is Hell and others are like Bodhisattvas or people of Heavenly state.
So, what is the mentality of the Hell people? It is the mentality that in their heart they enjoy the suffering of others.

As you go higher, Happiness and Comfort increases.  It is written in the Sutra that Pure Land is thousand and thousand times happier and more comfortable than the Heavenly World. The Pure Land is a totally egoless World. 

When we hear the word egoless we imagine something empty, no pleasure, no joy, but  be careful this is a complete misunderstanding, it is the opposite, it increases the joy, comfort, and happiness, not only in your heart but also thousand and thousand times happier than even Heaven, more comfortable than even Heaven, more joyful than Heaven, it is Full of Life, Universal Energy appears.

I am wishing you will be awakened to this Joy, Happiness and Comfort, not only in the Heart but also your existence, and also the World you are going to live in.

Please Listen to the Full Dharma Below. Thank you

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