Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-New Spiritual Era of the Human beings

“…..The conditions of our mental health and body are both the reflection of our Ki energy and meridians. That is why by treating Ki and meridians, the symptom will disappear. Ki, meridians and subconsciousness, what is the relationship?  Ki is a part of the subconsciousness and therefore depends on the condition of the subconsciousness, it appears to Ki and meridians and to your mental and body situation……….

what I want to say is that subconsciousness includes both a spiritual level and a Ki energy level.

But you need to be very careful how to deal with it because you could be very weird to deal with something invisible. So how not to be dropped into such a weird state but to deal with the spiritual world in a healthy way?  The only way is by awakening the body sensation of enlightenment.

This is possible and as a result you will receive so much peace in your heart and body as a reflection of the spirits who are rescued to the heavenly state. And also you will be awakened to the body sensation of the enlightenment  by receiving the Great Spirit of the Universe. 

Light and wisdom, facing the spiritual world and awakening to enlightenment. This is the new era of human beings.……”

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“New Spiritual Era of the Human Beings”

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