Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Suffering Shows the Way to Increase your Guardian Angels

Suffering Shows the Way to Increase your Guardian Angels

“Unsaved spirits will come to people who can help them to be rescued to heaven and when the amount of spirits that come is more and more you start to suffer, you start feeling the suffering in your heart and even in the physical body. You are selected by the spirits who are wishing to be rescued because of your spiritual ability.

This transformation of the body sensation from suffering to peace is one of the appearances of how unsaved spirits will be sent to heaven and they are feeling so happy about it. 

After having been sent to a Heavenly state, they become your Guardian Angels. And the warmth surrounding you will increase.

I wish that you will get the same warmth as I experienced. I wish you will find the body sensation of Peace as I experienced.

Please Listen to the Full Dharma Below. Thank you

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