Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-Wisdom of the Universe to Realise your Wish 

“..The Universe is made up of four wisdoms and one of them is called  “Realising Action Wisdom” and is related to the power to let your  wishes be realised…. 

Actually in the Universe there is the “Great River Energy”. This river is  huge, it is great, it is the energy, it is the power to realise the wishes of all beings…..

When you determine to realise your wish, determine means to do anything to make it happen, determine no matter what, determine no  matter how long it takes, determine no matter what needs to be done.  Prepare to do any action to realise your wish. 

When one prepares the heart to determine to realise the wishes, with  the power of this heart the Great River, which I call Honganshi, the  Fulfilling body of the Universe, will dwell in that person. If you are in  that state you will especially feel some energy in your muscles and this  energy will allow you to do the action to realise your wishes. ………….

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

“Wisdom of the Universe to Realise your Wish”

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