Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Open Your Spiritual Comfort

Open Your Spiritual Comfort

The comfort of the whole existence starts to happen by receiving the unification of the Great Spirit of the Universe and your existence starts to be melted and is so comfortable. Then you will find that there is a comfort that goes beyond the level of the human being world”. 

The comfort of human beings is, in some way, very limited, the comfort is only at the level of the physical body, but there are more levels, high levels of comfort exist, and it is the “MYO”.  It is written in the Sutra that the Pure Land is thousand, thousand, thousand times more comfortable than the heavenly state. 

As long as we live in the human world and have a physical body, it may be difficult to imagine that there is so much comfort. But if you practice and experience that there are spiritual existences full of comfort existing as a reality, you can also, sometimes, hear the sound of another world. Some people even taste, some people even smell that which they have never experienced in the human world. This is not only during practice, but will gradually appear in daily life.

You receive the comfort of existence gradually more and more in daily life. Then the phenomenon world will start to bother you less and less, and happiness will spring out from this comfort of existence.”

Please Listen to the Full Dharma below. Thank you

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