Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Looking for Peace in your Heart?

Looking for Peace in your Heart?

The Great Spirit of the Universe, I explained, as Amida Buddha, it could be God, is all the time waiting for you to be ready to receive the unification and to be fully embraced and unified with the Great Love and this Great Love you start to spread out to the whole Universe. 

Let the joy deep inside of your existence, this existence full of Joy, let it spring out from you and let it transfer to the whole Universe.

So I would say to the person who especially finds themselves in difficulties in life and is experiencing sadness, maybe it is from the feeling of not being important, the feeling of non self value: “You are a complete and valuable existence, you have everything inside of yourself, the Great Spirit of the Universe. You just need to let it open by receiving the unification of the Great Spirit of the Universe, through the prayers and Mantra chanting to rescue all the Spirits that are with you. Purify all the negative spirits that try to disturb you, try to bring you down, try to make you feel that you are not important. Discover your new existence as Spirit. Rebirth your Spirit, it is possible.”

You can even share with other people, you can even encourage other people to be awakened, to let them realize how important they are in the Universe, for the Buddha or God.

Please Listen to the Full Dharma below. Thank you

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