Hope Warriors Dharma Talk-The Ki of Altruism and Ego Subconsciousness 

“..I often talk about the altruistic way of living. By the way, altruism in Japanese  is Rita, it is a Buddhist word. From now on I will just say Rita.

When I say “Rita” it is about the ki energy, it is not about the action. I am mainly talking about the ki energy of Rita but of course if the ki exists then as a result there will be an action and it is going to be the  way of living. But let’s analyse the ki of Rita……… 

When you are not sending out this ki energy to the world then it is the  opposite, it is the ego heart that exists in your subconsciousness. The  structure of the Universe is that only the opposite exists, there is no in -between, either light or darkness. Therefore in your heart there is either light or darkness, the Rita heart or the ego heart in your subconsciousness and it is back and forth………. 

Please listen to the full talk below. Thank you

 To the person who was born on this planet to transform the heart of humankind to altruism

“The Ki of Altruism and Ego Subconsciousness” 

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