Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- Live with Heart Shining

Live with Heart Shining

“In the Bible, and also in the Mahayana Buddhism Sutras, there are stories with examples to let people understand how much the Spirit of the Universe, God or Buddha loves you as the only Child…

 …someone who practices all his life is going to the Pure Land or Heaven, Paradise, and someone who just before passing away did 10 times the chant was also accepted into the Pure Land.

One aspect is that there is no time difference. No time difference means, some people spend even a short time in their life but it is very, very meaningful and deep. Some are spending much more, ages, someone who is living a long time but there is no meaning to their life. The depth of time is different for each person.

The other aspect of this means “Tongo”. “Tongo” means immediate enlightenment.

This theory is to awaken people from the illusion that you need to spend a long, long time to be enlightened.

 …how fair is the Universe? You can get immediate enlightenment but also you can lose the enlightenment in a moment. Enlightenment is a continuation of the Infinite. What I mean is that human beings usually only think about existence from birth until death. But, actually, existence is that you exist even before your birth, infinite past and your existence continues even after you passed away, infinite future.

You are living in a forever infinite time. Ifyouare living in an infinite time, the existence is only a continuation of every moment and the image you have of the existence based on this next moment will be the best, the brightest time of your life will come. 

Please Listen to the Full Dharma Below. Thank you

Music by Ryokyu Endo. AMINADABU

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