Hope Warriors Dharma Talk- The Secret of Happiness

The Secret of Happiness

“For a long, long time, Human Being’s life was for survival, the struggle for survival, always trying to gain food, the material things..etc how to get relief from physical suffering. 

It is obvious that when we were starving, and when food was given we felt so happy. Then, because of those experiences, we were imprinted that “happiness is the moment when some physical suffering was relieved by filling up the desire”.

But, actually to be relieved from suffering and happiness are two different things. Happiness is way beyond that,  anyway is a different thing, that is why we always think, in modern days, “If I have this, I would be happy” “if I have a car, I will be happy”,  “if I have a house, I would be happy”, “if I have money I would be happy”etc.etc…

There is one secret of life, one key to be happy, it is accepting the Field.  Well, what is the Field? It is the world that we recognize, including others. And actually the world we recognize, the phenomenon we recognize is the projection of our Alaya consciousness, our heart.

Actually we are creating the world with our heart by projecting our image.

…if somebody talks about a problem, we easily think “ok this is not my problem, it is his or her problem” we will not accept it.

We allow ourselves to be happy only by the amount of the wish that we have for others to be happy. 

This is a psychological mechanism of happiness. 

But stupidly, our ego conscious makes a division between ourselves and the world.

When you accept everything, it will include all the positivity into your heart, subconsciously, and you will find yourself being embraced by the Great Love of the Great Spirit of the Universe…”

Please, Listen to the Full Dharma below. Thank you

 Music by Ryokyu Endo. Aminadabu

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